The Living Machiavelli in Modern Mythologies


In Machiavelliana Michael Jackson and Damian Grace offer a comprehensive study of the uses and abuses of Niccolò Machiavelli’s name in society generally and in academic fields distant from his intellectual origins. It assesses the appropriation of Machiavelli in didactic works in management, social psychology, and primatology, scholarly texts in leaderships studies, as well as novels, plays, commercial enterprises, television dramas, operas, rap music, Mach IV scales, children’s books, and more. The book audits, surveys, examines, and evaluates this Machiavelliana against wider claims about Machiavelli. It explains the origins of Machiavelli’s reputation and the spread of his fame as the foundation for the many uses and misuses of his name. They conclude by redressing the most persistent distortions of Machiavelli.

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Damian Grace, PhD (1980) University of New South Wales. Honorary Associate, Department of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney. Formerly Associate Professor, Philosophy UNSW. Author and editor of books on business ethics, Thomas More, and John Donne.

Michael Jackson, Ph.D. (1976) University of Alberta (Canada), is Emeritus Professor of Political Theory, University of Sydney. He has published three books and more than ninety referred journal articles, including several on Machiavelli.


Historians of ideas, political theorists or philosophers, and general readers who encounter Machiavelli’s name. Those in the scholarly fields surveyed – management, social psychology, and primate studies.

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