Essays in Contextual Theology


Author: Steve Bevans
Essays in Contextual Theology is a collection of essays that reflect on the doing of contextual theology from several perspectives. After a general introductory essay, subsequent essays reflect on topics such as contextual theology and prophetic dialogue, criteria for orthodoxy, the nature of tradition, the role of culture, the dynamics of conversion, and the way theology is being done in World Christianity. The collection closes with an autobiographical essay tracing the author’s journey to becoming a “global theologian.”

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Stephen B. Bevans, SVD, PhD (1986), University of Notre Dame, USA, is Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD Professor of Mission and Culture, Emeritus at Catholic University, Chicago. He has published and edited many books and articles including Models of Contextual Theology.
"(...) the slim volume provides an overview of B.’s approach to theological orientation, akin to a methodology handbook. It can serve a useful introduction to B.’s theological method for graduate students." - Anh Q. Tran, SJ, in: Theological Studies Volume 80.2 (2019).

"An excellent book for a primer for all students of contextual theology, it convincingly shows connections between contextual theology and other theological areas, such as practical theology, ecclesiology, orthodoxy, culture, trinitarian theology, and theology of religion." - Pavol Bargár, in: Mission Studies Volume 36:1 (2019), pp. 145-146.


Chapter 1. Contextual Methods in Theology
Chapter 2. Contextual Theology as Practical Theology
Chapter 3. Fair or Foul?: Contextual Theology and Criteria for Orthodoxy
Chapter 4. Constancy or Fidelity?: Contextual Theology and Christian Tradition
Chapter 5. A Theology for the Ephesian Moment
Chapter 6. Contextual Theology and Prophetic Dialogue
Chapter 7. What Has Contextual Theology to Offer to the Church of the Twenty-First Century?
Chapter 8. Mission, Culture, and the Reign of God
Chapter 9. Kicking the Hornet’s Nest: Conversion, Church, and Culture
Chapter 10. Inculturation and the Church’s Mission: Theological and Trinitarian Foundations
Chapter 11. Models of Contextual Theologizing in World Christianity
Chapter 12. Contextualization Revisited: An Interview with Stephen Bevans by Knud Jørgensen
Chapter 13. Becoming a Global Theologian: A Personal Journey
Scholars and students interested in contextual theology and mission.