The Medinet Habu Records of the Foreign Wars of Ramesses III


The Medinet Habu Records of the Foreign Wars of Ramesses III is a new translation and commentary of the Textual record of Ramesses III’s military activity. As such it dwells heavily upon the inscriptions dealing with Libyans and Sea Peoples. Since the format is oral formulaic, the texts are scanned and rendered as lyric. The new insights into the period covered by the inscriptions leads to a new appraisal of the identity of Egypt’s enemies, as well as events surrounding the activity of the Sea Peoples. The exercise is not intended to dismiss, but rather to complement the archaeological evidence.
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Biographical Note

Donald B. Redford, PhD, FRSC, is professor in the Department of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Pennsylvania State University. He is author of over 12 books and 250 articles on Egypt and the Near East, and editor of the Oxford Encyclopaedia of Ancient Egypt.

Table of contents


1 The Nubian and First Libyan Campaigns

2 The Campaign against the Sea Peoples

3 The Second Libyan Campaign

4 The Second Libyan War (External Display)

5 Commentary

6 The Texts as Historical Sources

7 The Place of Origin of the Enemy

8 The Northern Wars of Ramesses III

9 Aftermath



Egyptologists as well as all those interested in ancient military history and linguistic anthropology.


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