Ancient Models in the Early Modern Republican Imagination


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Ancient Models in the Early Modern Republican Imagination, edited by Wyger Velema and Arthur Weststeijn, approaches the early modern republican political imagination from a fresh perspective. While most scholars agree on the importance of the classical world to early modern republican theorists, its role is all too often described in rather abstract and general terms such as “classical republicanism” or the “neo-roman theory of free states”. The contributions to this volume propose a different approach and all focus on the specific ways in which ancient republics such as Rome, Athens, Sparta, and the Hebrew Republic served as models for early modern republican thought. The result is a novel interpretation of the impact of antiquity on early modern republicanism.

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Wyger Velema, Ph.D. (1992), Johns Hopkins University, is Jan Romein Professor of History at the University of Amsterdam. He has published widely on the history of eighteenth-century political thought, including Republicans. Essays on Eighteenth-Century Dutch Political Thought (Brill, 2007).

Arthur Weststeijn, Ph.D (2010), European University Institute, Florence, is assistant professor of Italian history at Utrecht University. He is the author of Commercial Republicanism in the Dutch Golden Age (Brill, 2012).

Contributors are: Guido Bartolucci, Jacques Bos, Tomasz Gromelski, René Koekkoek, Wessel Krul, Thomas Maissen, Jaap Nieuwstraten, Eran Shalev, Benjamin Straumann, William Stenhouse, Wyger Velema, Arthur Weststeijn, and Christine Zabel.
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Introduction: Classical Republicanism and Ancient Republican Models
Wyger Velema and Arthur Weststeijn
1 Renaissance Historicism and the Model of Rome in Florentine Historiography
Jacques Bos
2 The Roman Republic as a Constitutional Order in the Italian Renaissance
Benjamin Straumann
3 Commonwealths for Preservation and Increase: Ancient Rome in Venice and the Dutch Republic
Arthur Weststeijn
4 Early Modern Greek Histories and Republican Political Thought
William Stenhouse
5 A Classical Confederacy: The Example of the Achaean League in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic
Jaap Nieuwstraten
6 From Failed Republic to Polite Polis: Ancient Athens in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England
Christine Zabel
7 Painting Plutarch. Images of Sparta in the Dutch Republic and Enlightenment France
Wessel Krul
8 Against Democracy: Dutch Eighteenth-Century Critics of Ancient and Modern Popular Government
Wyger Velema
9 The Hebrew Republic in Sixteenth-Century Political Debate: The Struggle for Jurisdiction
Guido Bartolucci
10 The Hebrew Republic in Dutch Political Thought, c. 1650–1675
René Koekkoek
11 The Helvetians as Ancestors and Brutus as a Model: The Classical Past in the Early Modern Swiss Confederation
Thomas Maissen
12 Classical Models in Early Modern Poland-Lithuania
Tomasz Gromelski
13 America’s Antiquities: The Ancient Past in the Creation of the American Republic
Eran Shalev

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