Directions for Historical Linguistics

Reprint of the 1968 original

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This book, a reprint of one of the classics of historical linguistics, contains five papers originally presented at a 1966 symposium at the University of Texas at Austin. The individual contributions cover a broad range of topics, from Ferdinand de Saussure’s influence on historical linguistics to the connection between inflectional paradigms and sound change to language change in contemporary linguistic communities. Each of the contributions has had a sizable effect on the development of linguistics; the final paper, by Uriel Weinreich, Marvin Herzog, and William Labov, for instance, laid the foundation for contemporary historical sociolinguistics. The volume has long been out of print; this new edition will make it accessible to a new generation of linguists.

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Prefatory note

1 Saussure's Dichotomoy between Descriptive and Historical Linguistics
W.P. Lehman

2 the Inflectional Paradigm as an Occasional Determinant of Sound Change
Yakov Malkiel

3 The Notion of Morpho(pho)neme
J. Kuryłowicz

4 Mutations of Linguistic Categories
Émile Benviste

5 Empirical Foundations for a Theory of Language Change
Uriel Weinreich, William Labov, and Marvin I. Herzog


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