Justice Beyond Borders

Essays in Honour of Wolfgang Schombourg

Justice Without Borders is the theme of this collection of essays that honours Judge Wolfgang Schomburg on the occassion of his 70th birthday on 9 April 2018. The contributions of distinguished authors in the area of international criminal law, European criminal law and international cooperation focus on topics that are important for Wolfgang Schomburg: the pursuit of international criminal justice with respect for the interests of the accused, the facilitation of international cooperation subject to the rule of law, and the principle of fair trial .
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Biographical Note

Martin Böse is Professor of criminal law, criminal procedure and European and International criminal law at the University of Bonn. His main research interests lie in the fields of European criminal law, international cooperation in criminal matters and economic criminal law. Michael Bohlander holds the Chair in Comparative and International Criminal Law at Durham Law School. He has served as the International Co-Investigating Judge at the ECCC since 31 July 2015. In February 2017, he was appointed to the roster of judges of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. André Klip is Professor of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and the Transnational Aspects of Criminal Law at Maastricht University. He is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and a Judge at the ’s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal. Otto Lagodny (1958). Various publications especially on transnational criminal law – many of them with Wolfgang Schomburg. Since 1999 he is the Chair for Austrian and Foreign Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure and Comparative Criminal Law at the University of Salzburg.

Table of contents

Preface List of Abbreviations Academic Writings of Wolfgang Schomburg Decisions as Judge of un - icty and un - ictr 1 European Criminal Law and BrexitKai Ambos 2 Energising the Law’s Response to Terrorism: The Decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal of Lebanon and the Need for Further ActionDavid Baragwanath 3 The Transnational Dimension of the ne bis in idem Principle and the Notion of res iudicata in the European UnionMartin Böse 4 “The Global Panopticon”: Mass Surveillance and Data Privacy Intrusion as a Crime against Humanity?Michael Bohlander 5 Environmental and Cultural Heritage Crimes: The Possibilities under the Rome StatuteHelen Brady and David Re 6 The Role of Comparative Law in Transnational Criminal JusticeAlbin Eser 7 Protecting Human Rights through Exclusionary Rules? Highlights on a Conflict in Criminal Proceedings from a Comparative PerspectiveSabine Gless 8 Implementing Kampala: The New Crime of Aggression under the German Code of Crimes against International LawFlorian Jeßberger 9 The Serendipitous Nature of the icc Trial Proceedings Risks the icc ’s CredibilityMichael G. Karnavas 10 Vom eingeschränkten Nutzen strafrechtlicher Urteile für die Historiographie: Ein Beitrag zum Zustandekommen des ersten deutschen Urteils wegen Völkermordes in RuandaStefan Kirsch 11 Fundamentally Dissenting Judge SchomburgAndré Klip 12 Combatting Terrorism without Secret Services?Otto Lagodny 13 Judging in International Criminal Cases: Challenges, Aspirations and DutiesHoward Morrison 14 25 Years of International Criminal Justice: Ebb and Flow or Rise and Fall?Jan Christoph Nemitz 15 International Criminal Liability for Incitement and Hate SpeechInes Peterson 16 Die Konfliktregion Südosteuropa und das internationale und nationale StrafrechtHerwig Roggemann 17 International Prosecution of Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes Perpetrated during the First World WarWilliam A. Schabas 18 The icty ’s Šešelj Trial: Taking Stock of a DisasterMatthias Schuster 19 Aut iustitita aut pax? Enforcement of International Prison Sentences in (Former) Conflict AreasMichael Stiel and Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg


Practioners and academics interested in international criminal law, European criminal law and international cooperation in criminal matters.