Translation Theory and the Old Testament in Matthew

The Possibilities of Skopos Theory


In Translation Theory and the Old Testament in Matthew, Woojin Chung employs a rigorous method of Skopos theory to examine Matthew’s citation technique in his infancy narrative and locates the specific purpose of his use of Scripture. He argues that the complex nature of the formulaic quotations and allusion in Matthew 1‒2 can be understood in light of new methodological insights. The way Matthew cites the Old Testament for his communicative purpose is congruent to the approach of a Skopos translator who is motivated by a specific purpose of translation. The theory of interpretation of his use of Scripture, therefore, can be informed by the theory and method of translation.

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Woojin Chung is a PhD graduate of McMaster Divinity College, ON, Canada, (New Testament, 2017) and has published articles in journals such as the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism.
"Un aspect important de ce livre est de reconnecter le monde des études de la Bible avec celui des théories de traductions."
- Sébastien Doane, Laval Théologique et philosphique, 75, 2 (2019).
All interested in New Testament interpretation, translation theory, and anyone concerned with applying a rigorous methodology to the study of Matthew's use of the Old Testament.
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