The Plant Contract

Art’s Return to Vegetal Life


The Plant Contract argues that visual and performance art can help change our perception of the vegetal world, and can return us to nature and thought. Via an investigation into the wasteland, robotany, feminist plants, and nature rights, this phytology-love story investigates how contemporary art is mediating the effects of plant-blindness, caused by human disassociation from the natural world. It is also a gesture of respect for the genius of vegetal life, where new science proves plants can learn, communicate, remember, make decisions, and associate. Art is a litmus test for how climate change affects human perception. This book responds to that test by expressing plant-philosophy to a wider public, through an interrogation of plant-art.

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Prudence Gibson, PhD, is a writer and academic at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, whose research sits at the nexus of art and plant studies. Her many publications include Janet Laurence: The Pharmacy of Plants (New South Press 2015), Aesthetics After Finitude ( 2016), and The Covert Plant (Punctum 2018).
Acknowledgments Introduction 1 The Wasteland and the Wilding: The Aesthetic of Abandoned and Reclaimed Green Spaces 2 Green Man: Human-plant Hybrids 3 Robotany and Aesthetics 4 Bio Rights: Earth of Agonies and Eco-punks 5 Eco-feminism: Plants as Becoming-Woman 6 Ungrounding Plant Life: The After-effects Conclusion: On Rhizomes and Dead Trees Bibliography Index
Artists, academics, theorists and plant-lovers interested in Critical Plant Studies, climate change, experimental art, and the environment.
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