Southwest China in a Regional and Global Perspective (c.1600-1911)

Metals, Transport, Trade and Society


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The book Southwest China in Regional and Global Perspectives (c. 1600-1911) is dedicated to important issues in society, trade, and local policy in the southwestern provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan during the late phase of the Qing period. It combines the methods of various disciplines to bring more light into the neglected history of a region that witnessed a faster population growth than any other region in China during that age. The contributions to the volume analyse conflicts and arrangements in immigrant societies, problems of environmental change, the economic significance of copper as the most important “export” product, topographical and legal obstacles in trade and transport, specific problems in inter-regional trade, and the roots of modern transnational enterprise.

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CAO Jin, (Ph.D. 2012) is a post-doctoral researcher in the field of Chinese studies at Tübingen University, Germany, and Peking University. Her scholarship focuses on questions of social and economic history as well as on the history of science and technology in late Imperial China.

Ulrich Theobald, (Ph.D. 2009) is Senior Lecturer for Chinese Studies at Tübingen University. He has published on military labour, war finance and logistics, monetary history, and border peoples. He currently works on changes in the appointment of local officials in 19th-century China.

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Part 1: Space and Setting

1 Southwest China: Local Conditions and Economic TrajectoriesUlrich Theobald 2 Newcomers in the Eighteenth-Century South-West Frontier: An Introduction to the 1784 Huguang Huiguan RecordsFei Huang 3 Borders, Ethnicities, Brotherhoods, Provinces: Neglected Aspects of Qing Mining HistoryJohn E. Wills, Jr. (†) 4 Fuel for the Smelters: Copper Mining and Deforestation in Northeastern Yunnan during the High Qing, 1700 to 1850Nanny Kim

Part 2: Metal and Money

5 Legal and Illegal Copper Markets in Eighteenth-Century HankouRoger Greatrex 6 The Copper Market of Hankou and the Illegal Trade of Yunnan Copper in the Mid-Qing PeriodYang Yuda 7 The Chinese Way of Minting: Comparative Perspectives on Coin Production before MechanisationCao Jin

Part 3: Trade and Transport

8 Numeric Communication in Intercontinental Trade and Monetary Matters: Coins, Weights and Measures in China and East-Asia in Merchants’ Pocketbooks and Commercial Guides (16th–19th Centuries)Harald Witthöft 9 The Story of the Mayangzi: Shipping and Technological Change in Qing ChinaNanny Kim 10 The Illegal Trade in Saltpetre in Southern China in the Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth CenturiesRoger Greatrex 11 Sichuan as a Pivot: Provincial Politics and Gentry Power in Late Qing Railway Projects in Southwestern ChinaElisabeth Kaske 12 Yunnanese Transnational Business Firms in the Early Twentieth Century: Xizhou’s Yongchangxiang as a Case StudyC. Pat Giersch Index
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