Migration Journeys to Israel

Narratives of the Way and Their Meaning


This book addresses a lacuna in the study of Jewish and Israeli history - that of journeys taken by Jews in the 20th century towards Israel – which is also a neglected subject in the more general fields of migration and refugee studies. Dr. Gadi BenEzer, a psychologist and anthropologist, eloquently shows how such journeys are life changing events that affect individuals, families, and communities in a variety of ways. Based on narrative research of Jewish people who have undergone journeys on their way to Israel from around the world, the author is able to pose original questions and give initial convincing answers. The powerful personal accounts are followed by a thought-provoking analysis.

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Gadi BenEzer(Ph.D), psychologist/anthropologist and interdisciplinary scholar, has researched journeys of migrants, refugees, and backpackers. He has published monographs and many articles on Ethiopian immigrant-Jews including The Ethiopian Jewish Exodus, (Routledge 2002), trauma and narrative, and cross-cultural psychotherapy.

Introduction: Researching Journeys in Migration and Refugee Studies

part 1: Journey Stories

1 Building Independence: The Journey of Elisha from Syria

2 From Loss to Belonging: The Journey of Yirmi from Poland

3 Setting Out to the Open Spaces: The Journey of Bracha from Yemen

4 Towards the Place Where the Future Will Begin: The Journey of Yair from Transnistria

5 A Generation Going on the Way: The Journey of Oscar from Iraq

6 From Auschwitz to “Flowers from Israel”: The Journey of Yigal from Germany

7 God Loves Me: The Journey of Rivka from the Ukraine

8 The Journey of the Jewish People: The Journey of Saul from Afghanistan

9 Going to “Paris”: The Journeys of Alyna and Alex from Romania

10 A Journey of Reclaimed Honor: The Journey of Simon from Libya

11 The Partisan’s Journey: The Journey of Frieda from Poland

part 2: Migration and Refugee Journeys: the Case of Jewish Migrants/Refugees Journeying to Israel

12 The Journey as a Meaning Category

13 Children on Journeys

14 Identity During the Journey

15 The Encounter with Israel as a Part of the Journey

Maps of the Journeys
All interested in migration and refugee journeys, the history/sociology of Israel and the Jewish People in the 20th century, narratives/life-stories, and the psychology of people on the move.
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