Deciphering Reality

Simulations, Tests, and Designs


In Deciphering Reality: Simulations, Tests, and Designs, Benjamin B. Olshin takes a problem-based approach to the question of the nature of reality. In a series of essays, the book examines the detection of computer simulations from the inside, wrestles with the problem of visual models of reality, explores Daoist conceptions of reality, and offers possible future directions for deciphering reality.

The ultimate goal of the book is to provide a more accessible approach, unlike highly complex philosophical works on metaphysics, which are inaccessible to non-academic readers, and overly abstract (and at times, highly speculative) popular works that offer a mélange of physics, philosophy, and consciousness.

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Benjamin B. Olshin, Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy, the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, and Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He has written in a broad range of areas, including the history of cartography, the sociology of technology, and design.
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Introduction: Reality as a Problem

1 Reality as a Simulation

2 Reality to the Test

3 Reality by Design

4 Reality for the Daoists

5 Reality in Conclusion

All those interested in metaphysics, philosophy, comparative (Eastern / Western) philosophy, philosophy of science, history of science, physics, computer simulations, and the question of illusion and reality.
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