On the Social Origins of Medieval Institutions

Essays in Honor of Joseph F. O'Callaghan


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A collection of essays celebrating the career of Joseph F. O'Callaghan, a noted historian of Spanish history. Written by his students and colleagues, they explore the relationship between human society and the institutions it produces.
The first part of the book, The Influence of Law on Society, contains essays exploring the laws and customs regarding such social institutions as marriage, the care of the sick, and Jews. The second part, The Relationship between Government and War, focuses on the institutional and technological innovations that the crown and parliament in Spain and England developed to wage war.

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Donald J. Kagay, Ph.D. (1981) in History, Fordham University, is Assistant Professor of History at Albany State Universities. His recent publications include Iberia and the Mediterranean World of the Middle Ages, Volume II (Brill, 1996).
Theresa M. Vann, Ph.D. (1993) in History, Fordham University, is the curator of the Malta Study Center at the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library. She has written extensively on law and military religious orders.
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Map: Medieval Spain

Introduction 1

The Influence of Law on Society
1. Force and Fear: A Marriage Case from Eleventh-Century Aragon -- James A. Brundage 11
2. Calling Names: The Identification of Jews in Christian Documents from Medieval Toledo -- Nina Melechen 21
3. Shelter and Segregation: Lepers in Medieval Catalonia -- James W. Brodman 35
4. Peste Negra: The Fourteenth-Century Plague Epidemics in Iberia -- William D. Phillips, Jr. 47
5. The Business of Salvation: Castilian Wills in the Late Middle Ages, 1200-1400 -- Teofilo F. Ruiz 63

The Relationship Between Government and War
6. A New Look at the Foundation of the Order of Calatrava -- Theresa M. Vann 93
7. The Lost Kingdom of Siurana: Highland Resistance by Muslims to Christian Reconquest and Assimilation in the Twelfth Century -- Lawrence J. McCrank 115
8. The Reconquest during the Reign of Alfonso XI (1312-1350) -- Nicholas Agrait 149
9. The Many Crusades of Valencia's Conquest (1225-1280): An Historiographical Labyrinth -- Robert I. Burns 167
10. The Hybrid Trebuchet: The Halfway Step to the Counterweight Trebuchet -- Paul E. Chevedden 179
11. The Emergence of "Parliament" in the Thirteenth-Century Crown of Aragon: A View from the Gallery -- Donald J. Kagay 223
12. The Council of Penafiel - 1302: The Castilian Church's Reassertion of its Libertas ecclesiastica -- Paulette L. Pepin 243
13. Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: Stephen of Blois in England -- Steven Isaac 263
14. Politics Makes Uneasy Bedfellows: Henry I and Theobald of Blois -- Jean A. Truax 273

Rulers of Medieval Spain 305

Bibliography 313
Index 329
All those interested in the history of medieval Spain, parliaments, warfare, hospitals, and military religious orders.
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