Disassembling the Celebrity Figure

Credibility and the Incredible


Disassembling the Celebrity Figure: Credibility and the Incredible questions the credibility of celebrity brands, exploring how fandoms depend on perceptions and representations of authenticity. It asks how authenticity is projected by global celebrities, and how fans consume these carefully curated personas, and explores how the media breaks down barriers between celebrities and fans. It presents a discussion of celebrities as brands, exploring how their images are maintained after they pass away. It also offers analysis of the ways in which historical figures are later reconstructed as celebrities, and explores how their images are circulated and consumed across contemporary media. Ultimately, the book examines authenticity in celebrity culture by looking at fandom, media representation, branding and celebrity deaths.

Contributors are Marie Josephine Bennett, Lise Dilling-Nielsen, Kylo-Patrick R. Hart, Mingyi Hou, Renata Iwicka, Ephraim Das Janssen, Magdalen Wing-Chi Ki, Celia Lam, Mirella Longo, Aliah Mansor, Jackie Raphael and Millicent Weber.

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Celia Lam, Ph.D. (2011), University of Sydney, is Assistant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. She has published on celebrity and fan studies, including Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics (WaterHill, 2017).

Jackie Raphael, Ph.D. (2013), Curtin University, is a sessional academic at that university. She has published various papers and books including Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics (2017) and Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies (2016).

Millicent Weber, Ph.D. (2016), Monash University, is a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Her work on publishing and literary culture appears in Convergence and Continuum, and most recently in Publishing Means Business: Australian Perspectives (Monash University Publishing, 2017).
Assembling Celebrity Analysis
Celia Lam, Jackie Raphael and Millicent Weber

Part I Constructed Authenticity: Fan Consumption of Celebrity Persona

  Johnny’s Idol Persona Constructions and Female Fandom Consumption
  Aliah Mansor

  ‘Everyone is so Cynical’: On Authenticity in the World of Gaga
  Lise Dilling-Nielsen

  Participatory Consumption of Celebrity Products: Gangnam Style and its Parodies
  Mingyi Hou

Part II Deconstructing Authenticity: ‘Getting Backstage’ Behind Celebrity Personas

  Stars Are Like Us: a Discourse Analysis of Printed Celebrity Press
  Mirella Maines

  Backstage Spaces: The Sherlock Incident
  Celia Lam

  Every Breath You Take: Sasaeng Fans
  Renata Iwicka

Part III Structured Authenticity: Eternal Celebrity Brands

  Paul Walker: The Facts and the Fiction
  Jackie Raphael

  Trapped: James Douglas Morrison and His Enduring Celebrity Persona
  Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

Part IV Reconstructed Authenticity: Contemporary Re-Imagining of Historical Figures

  Did it Really Happen? Celebrity and Authenticity
  Ephraim Das Janssen

  The Biopic Bias and Becoming Jane
  Magdalen Wing-Chi Ki

  Shamadeus? Reconstructing Mozart: The Continuing Impact of Amadeus and Myths on Mozart Reception
  Marie Josephine Bennett
Academics and students in celebrity studies, cultural studies, persona studies, communications, advertising, marketing, Internet studies, media, journalism, and film and television.
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