The Sense and Sensibility of Madness

Disrupting Normalcy in Literature and the Arts


This volume explores the intriguing ontological ambiguities of madness in literature and the arts. Despite its association with a diseased/abnormal mind, there can be much sense and sensibility in madness. Daring to break free from the dictates of normalcy, madwomen and madmen disrupt the status quo. Yet, as they venture into unchartered or prohibited terrain, they may also unleash the liberatory and transformative potential of unrestrained madness. Contributors are Doreen Bauschke, Teresa Bell, Isil Ezgi Celik, Terri Jane Dow, Peter Gunn, Anna Klambauer, Rachel A. Sims and Ruxanda Topor.

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Anna Klambauer is a lecturer in cultural studies at the University of Graz. Currently her research is dedicated to the exploration of madness in Anglophone fiction. She has published and edited many articles on the subject of madness, including Muses, Mystics, Madness: The Diagnosis and Celebration of Mental Illness (Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016). Doreen Bauschke earned a PhD in American literature in 2013 with the dissertation titled Quilt(ed) Texts: The Patchwork Quilt in Contemporary North American Novels at the Friedrich Schiller Universität in Jena, Germany, where she has taught on intertextuality and hypertextuality. She is currently pursuing a degree in education.
All interested in an inter-disciplinary approach to madness and its representation in literature and the arts.