Intervening Spaces

Respatialisation and the Body


Intervening Spaces examines the interconnectedness between bodies, time and space - the oscillating and at times political impact that occurs when bodies and space engage in non-conventional ways. Bodies intervene with space, creating place. Likewise, space can reconceptualise notions of the subject-body. Such respatialisation does not occur in a temporal vacuum. The moment can be more significant than a millennia in producing new ways to see corporeal connections with space. Drawing on theorists as diverse as Foucault, Deleuze, Guattari, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Lefebvre and Grosz, temporal and spatial dichotomies are dissolved, disrupted and interrupted via interventions—revealing new ways of inhabiting space. The volume crosses disciplines contributing to the fields of Sociology, Literature, Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Architecture and Urban Design.

Contributors are Burcu Baykan, Pelin Dursun Çebi, Michelle Collins, Christobel Kelly, Anthi Kosma, Ana Carolina Lima e Ferreira, Katerina Mojanchevska, Clementine Monro, Katsuhiko Muramoto, Nycole Prowse, Shelley Smith, Nicolai Steinø and İklim Topaloğlu.

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Nycole Prowse holds a PhD and teaches into the Literature program at USC, Australia. Her research focuses on literary representations of gender and addiction. Nycole’s publications include chapters in Claiming Space: Australian Women’s Writing (2017 Palgrave Macmillan), Addiction and Culture (2012 Cambria), and her upcoming book Heroin(e) Habits (Gylphi).
Notes on Contributors
Nycole Prowse

Part 1: Reconceptualising the Body: Interventions on the Body That Enact Respatialisation

1 Possibilities from the Peripheries: Time, Space and the Body in the Australian Drug Writing of Helen Garner and Luke Davies
Nycole Prowse

2 Respatialising the Body: The Ontologically In-between Subject in Orlan’s Body of Work
Burcu Baykan

3 Corporeal Interventions and the Contemporary Sounds of Keening
Michelle Collins

4 In Search of a Relational Body: Reflections on Sustainable Architecture
Katsuhiko Muramoto

Part 2: Bodily Interventions on Material Spaces

5 Public Space Design between Alienation and Appropriation: The Case of Parkour
Shelley Smith and Nicolai Steinø

6 The Urban Challenge of Participation through Theatre in Rio
Ana Carolina Lima e Ferreira

7 New Interventions in Public Space: Spatial Readings through Art and Architectural Installations
İklim Topaloğlu and Pelin Dursun Çebi

8 Self-Organised Citizens’ Groups and Urban Space: Challenges in Planning Paradigm
Katerina Mojanchevska

Part 3: Temporariness: Artistic Interventions on Space and the Process of Becoming

9 Perpetual Transitions: A Communication between Photography and Absence within the Spatial Experience of the Ruin
Clementine Monro

10 Colonial and Gothic Dissonance: Tracing Desire Lines through Postcolonial Landscape
Christobel Kelly

11 Spacing by Trace: Four Events of an Out of Place Experience
Anthi Kosma

This book is relevant to scholars and students who are working on or interested in Sociology, Literature, Performance Arts, Visual Arts, Geography, Architecture, Urban Design and History.
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