A Graceful Embrace: Theological Reflections on Adopting Children


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This book significantly deepens the contemporary discussion of the theology and practice of adopting children. Though adoption appears prominently in Scripture, contemporary adoption practice has thus far proceeded without serious theological engagement. This book seeks to fill this gap by offering a theological and ethical perspective on adoption that not only clarifies and complicates contemporary understandings of adoption, but also throws fresh light on family, community, vocation, and even what it means to be human. Both interdisciplinary and international, the volume is brings together theologians and ethicists from Europe, the UK, Canada and the United States. A rich set of reflections from both practical and theoretical perspectives offers a unique and uniquely insightful vision of Christian adoption.

Contributors are: Dale P. Andrews, Jana Marguerite Bennett, Marco Derks, R. Ruard Ganzevoort, Bill McAlpine, Kirsten Sonkyo Oh, Sarah Shea, Paul Shrier, Henning Theißen, Hans. G. Ulrich, Karin Ulrich-Eschemann, Heather Walton, Brent Waters, Nick Watson.

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John Swinton is professor in Practical Theology and Pastoral Care at the University of Aberdeen. His main areas of research include the relationship between spirituality, theology and health, the theology of disability, and qualitative research methodologies.

Brian Brock is Reader in Practical and Moral Theology at the University of Aberdeen. His main areas of research include the use of scripture in Christian ethics, disability theology, and the ethics of technological development.

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Notes on Contributors
John Swinton and Brian Brock

Adoption: A Theological Account

1 On Language, Children and God: Naming, Dominion and Domination
Brian Brock

2 Why Christians Should (Not) Choose Adoption
Jana Marguerite Bennett

3 Belonging: A Theological and Moral Inquiry into Adoption
Brent Waters

4 ``Entrusted for Creaturely Life within God's Story -- The Ethos of Adoption in Theological Perspective''
Hans G. Ulrich

5 Adoption in Christian Social Ethics: Reflections from a German Perspective
Henning Thei\unichr{00DF}en

6 The Importance of Knowing Where You Come from
Karin Ulrich-Eschemann

Explorations in Living out Adoption

7 Why Would I Look for My Parents?: Living Peaceably with the Only Family I Have
John Swinton

8 Why is Adoption Such a Difficult Choice?: A Practical Theology Inquiry
Dale P. Andrews

9 Identity and the Adoption Triad
William R. McAlpine

10 Theological Reflection on Inter-country Adoptions of Special Needs Children from Mainland China
Sarah Shea

11 Unnatural Ties: How Adoption Queers the Family
R. Ruard Ganzevoort and Marco Derks

12 Embraced in God's Trembling-Womb Love: A Theology of Adoption
Kirsten Sonkyo Oh

13 Between Ascension and Pentecost: A Theology of Adoption
Heather Walton

14 Jonathan and Me: Constructing a Movie, Constructing Ourselves
Paul Shrier

All interested in theology and practice of adopting children such as clergy and ordinands, systematic and practical theologians and ethicists, pastoral carers and counselors among others.

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