Chilam Balam of Ixil: Facsimile and Study of an Unpublished Maya Book


In Chilam Balam of Ixil Laura Caso Barrera translates for the first time a Yucatec Maya document that resulted from the meticulous reading by the Colonial Maya of various European texts such as the Bible and the Poem of the Mío Cid, as well as various studies on astronomy, astrology, calendars, and medicine.

The Maya, showing considerable astuteness and insight, appropriated this knowledge. With this study and facsimile, experts can further their knowledge of Mayan calendars or traditional medicine; and Mayan enthusiasts can discover more about the culture’s world view and history.

En el Chilam Balam de Ixil Laura Caso Barrera traduce por primera vez un documento en maya yucateco, que resultó de la minuciosa lectura que realizaron los mayas coloniales de distintos textos europeos como la Biblia o el Cantar del Mío Cid, así como de diversos estudios de astronomía, astrología, calendarios y medicina.

Con astucia y perspicacia, los mayas hicieron propio ese saber. Con esta edición, los expertos podrán ahondar en las anotaciones calendáricas o la medicina tradicional maya; y los amantes de esta cultura conocerán otros aspectos de su pensamiento e historia.

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Laura Caso Barrera, Ph.D. (2000), Colegio de Postgraduados- Campus Puebla, is a Researcher and Professor at the same institution. She has published many articles on the Maya and her book Caminos en la selva studies the last Maya kingdom of the Itza (Fondo Cultura Económica, 2002).

Book 1
Facsimile Edition of the Book of Chilam Balam of Ixil

Book 2
The Chilam Balam of Ixil: European and Indigenous Aspects of a Maya Colonial Text
Laura Caso Barrera
The Chilam Balam Books
The Chilam Balam of Ixil
Physical and Philological Aspects of the Chilam Balam of Ixil
The Bible in the Chilam Balam of Ixil
Mayan and European Concepts of Disease and Medicine
Medicine in the Chilam Balam of Ixil
Astrology, Astronomy and Horoscopes

Almanacs, Stars and Calendars
Mario M. Aliphat F.
Maya Astronomy and Astrology
Stars and Celestial Bodies Recognized by the Maya during the Colonial
The Heavens
Heavenly Bodies
The Sun and the Moon
North Star
Other Stars
The Pleiades
The Milky Way or the Road to Santiago
The Zodiac
The Western and Maya Zodiacs
Numbers and Calendars
Maya Numerology
The Maya Calendar
Cardinal Points and Colors
Cardinal Points, Colors and the Quadripartite Deities
The u cuch haabob Rounds or “Year Bearers” and Their Association
with the Cardinal Points in the Ixil
The Katun Round
The Maya Almanac and the Portents of Days in the Ixil
The Cycle of the Burners
The Lunar Calendar in the Ixil

The Chilam Balam of Ixil: Text and Translation

Appendix A: List of Plants Mentioned in the Chilam Balam of Ixil
Appendix B: List of Insects and Animals Mentioned in the Chilam Balam of Ixil
All interested in Mayan calendars, astronomy and medicine, and anyone concern with interculturality, Christianity and culture, almanacs or reportorios de los tiempos and Maya worldview.