Representing Wars from 1860 to the Present

Fields of Action, Fields of Vision


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Representing Wars from 1860 to the Present examines representations of war in literature, film, photography, memorials, and the popular press. The volume breaks new ground in cutting across disciplinary boundaries and offering case studies on a wide variety of fields of vision and action, and types of conflict: from civil wars in the USA, Spain, Russia and the Congo to recent western interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the case of World War Two, Representing Wars emphasises idiosyncratic and non-western perspectives – specifically those of Japanese writers Hayashi and Ooka.
A central concern of the thirteen contributors has been to investigate the ethical and ideological implications of specific representational choices.

Contributors are: Claire Bowen, Catherine Ann Collins, Marie-France Courriol, Éliane Elmaleh, Teresa Gibert, William Gleeson, Catherine Hoffmann, Sandrine Lascaux, Christopher Lloyd, Monica Michlin, Guillaume Muller, Misako Nemoto, Clément Sigalas.

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Claire Bowen, Ph.D (1979), Lancaster University, Senior Lecturer in English at Le Havre University, now retired, has published on graphic and photographic representations of modern and contemporary conflicts, especially the First World War.

Catherine Hoffmann, doctorate (1995), Grenoble University, Senior Lecturer in English at Le Havre University, now retired, has published many articles on twentieth century and contemporary English and Irish literature, in France, Britain and the USA (Style, Dalkey Archive).

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Part 1: The Spectacle of War

1 Deconstructing the Spectacle of War? Brian de Palma’s Redacted , Nick Broomfield’s Battle for Haditha , Paul Haggis’s In the Valley of Elah and the Iraq War
Monica Michlin
2 The War in Images: The Poetics of Plasticity in Juan Benet’s Herrumbrosas lanzas
Sandrine Lascaux and Trans. Claire Bowen
3 The Second World War Seen from the Balcony: Representations of the Spectacle of War in the French Post-War Novel
Clément Sigalas

Part 2: At a Distance from War

4 The “Comic Opera” of the Allied Intervention in Russia: Off-Staging War in William Gerhardie’s Early Novels
Catherine Hoffmann
5 Margaret Atwood’s Representation of Modern and Imaginary Warfare
Teresa Gibert
6 Memory Keeping and Visual Narratives of Commemoration: Representing Interned Japanese Americans during World War ii
Catherine Collins

Part 3: Bringing the War Home

7 Martha Rosler, an American Artist at War with War
Éliane Elmaleh
8 Conflicting Documentary Strategies and Italian Counter-propaganda in the Spanish Civil War
Marie-France Courriol
9 Revisiting the Congo’s Forgotten Wars: Jean Lartéguy’s Les Chimères noires and the Secession of Katanga
Christopher Lloyd
10 “A Boy and His Dog…”: The War in Afghanistan and Storytelling
Claire Bowen

Part 4: Experiencing War and Bearing Witness

11 Aphonic Images: Aurality and Silence in Civil War Photography
William Gleeson
12 Profiles of War by Hayashi Fusao: A Writer’s Approach to War
Guillaume Muller
13 Ōoka Shōhei’s Democratization of the Self
Misako Nemoto


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Scholars and students in modern languages and literature, film studies, photography, cultural studies. Anyone interested in representations of distant or forgotten conflicts, and neglected aspects of major wars.
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