Multiple Authorship of the Septuagint Pentateuch

The Original Translators of the Pentateuch


For hundreds of years, disputes on the origin of the Septuagint, a biblical text that was translated from Hebrew into Greek in the third century BCE, and the number of its translators have been ongoing. In Multiple Authorship of the Septuagint Pentateuch, Hayeon Kim provides a clear solution to the unsolved questions, using an objective and consistent set of translation-technique criteria, and traditional and computerized tools of analysis. According to the author, the translation of the Septuagint Pentateuch has two facets: homogeneity and heterogeneity. The common socio-religious milieu of the translators is apparent in the similar translation techniques, however, the individual characters of the five translators are also evident in their distinct translation styles.

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Hayeon Kim, Ph.D. (2007), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is the leading pastor at Daegu Samseung Church, Korea. He has taught numerous biblical study courses at Kosin University, Busan, Korea and published many articles on Bible interpretation. He is also the author of the book Understanding Jewish Background makes Bible Easier (SFC, 2012 [Korean]).
All interested in the Septuagint, ancient translation techniques, the history of the Bible transmission, and the Hebrew Bible.
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