Advances in Italian Dialectology

Sketches of Italo-Romance Grammars


Volume Editor:
This volume is a collection of grammar sketches from several Italo-Romance varieties.
The contributions cover various areas of linguistics (phonology, morphology, syntax)
and are organized in sections according to the customary geolinguistic classification.
Each chapter provides the description of a salient phenomenon for a given language,
based on novel data, as well as the state-of-the-art knowledge on that phenomenon.
The articles are in-depth studies carried out by prominent experts as well as promising
young scholars.
The theoretical apparatus is kept to a minimum in order to make the book accessible to
scholars without specific expertise. For the same reason, hypotheses and formalisms are
introduced gradually, only if necessary for the description of the data.

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Roberta D’Alessandro (Ph.D. in Linguistics, 2004, Stuttgart University), is Professor of Syntax and Language Variation at Utrecht University. She has published extensively on Italian and Romance linguistics, dialectology, variation, and syntax-phonology.

Diego Pescarini (Ph.D. in Linguistics, 2006, University of Padua) is Research Associate at the University of Zurich. His research focuses on the comparative grammar of the Romance languages.

Contributors are: Luigi Andriani, Caroline Bacciu, Andrea Calabrese, Anna Cardinaletti, Jan Casalicchio, Edoardo Cavirani, Federica Cognola, Patrizia Cordin, Silvio Cruschina, Roberta D'Alessandro, Giuliana Giusti, Mirko Grimaldi, Michele Loporcaro, Luca Lorenzetti, Guido Mensching, Diego Pescarini, Andrea Scala, Giancarlo Schirru.
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Northern Varieties

1 The Distribution of Gender and Number in Lunigiana Nominal Expressions
Edoardo Cavirani

2 On the Interpretation of an Interrogative Form in North-Eastern Italian Dialects
Patrizia Cordin

3 Verb-Second and (Micro)Variation in Two Rhaeto-Romance Varieties of Northern Italy
Jan Casalicchio and Federica Cognola

Central Varieties

4 On the Palatalization of /s/ + Consonant in Some Dialects of Middle and Southern Italy
Luca Lorenzetti

5 On the Gender System of Viterbese
Michele Loporcaro

6 Indefinite Determiners. Variation and Optionality in Italo-Romance
Anna Cardinaletti and Giuliana Giusti

Upper Southern Varieties

7 Italo-Romance Phonological Rules and Indo-Aryan Lexicon: The Case of Abruzzian Romani
Andrea Scala

8 Avita fatta: Non-Etymological Forms of Auxiliary habere in Southern Italian Dialects
Carlo Schirru

9 Adjectival Positions in Barese: Prenominal Exceptions to the Postnominal Rule
Luigi Andriani

Extreme Southern Varieties and Sardinian

10 Metaphony in Southern Salento: New Analysis and New Data
Mirko Grimaldi and Andrea Calabrese

11 The ‘go for’ Construction in Sicilian
Silvio Cruschina

12 The Complementizers ca and chi in Sardinian: Syntactic Properties and Geographic Distribution
Caroline Bacciu and Guido Mensching

The book is written for scholars interested in Romance linguistics. Given the very limited formal background, the book is also very useful as a reference for students.
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