Towards a Revival of Analytical Philosophy of History

Around Paul A. Roth's Vision of Historical Sciences


Towards a Revival of Analytical Philosophy of History: Around Paul A. Roth's Vision of Historical Sciences presents the state of the art in the philosophy of history. The purpose of this book is to discuss the revival of analytical philosophy of history proposed by Paul A. Roth, a world-known analytical philosopher of the social sciences and the humanities. The first four papers outline the reasons for the decline of philosophy of history, its present phase of development, and its possible future. The other authors discuss important questions of this field of research including: the ontological status of the past, the epistemological assumptions of historical research, the explanatory dimensions of the narrative. In the last group of papers, the authors apply some of Roth's theoretical ideas within their own fields of research.

Contributors are: Krzysztof Brzechczyn, Nancy D. Campbell, Serge Grigoriev, Géza Kállay, Piotr Kowalewski, Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen, Chris Lorenz, Herman Paul, Dawid Rogacz, Paul A. Roth, Laura Stark, Stephen Turner, Rafał Paweł Wierzchosławski, and Eugen Zeleňák.
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Biographical Note

Krzysztof Brzechczyn is (titular) Professor at Institute of Philosophy in Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań, Poland. He has authored four books (in Polish) and numerous papers in Chinese, English, German, Italian, Polish, and Romanian. He edited Modeling in History and coedited Thinking about Provincialism in Thinking and Models in Science. His fields of interests are: philosophy of history, philosophy of social sciences, political and social philosophy, theory of history.

Table of contents

Notes on Contributors IntroductionKrzysztof Brzechczyn 1 Reviving Philosophy of HistoryPaul A. Roth 2 Why Did Analytical Philosophy of History Disappear? Three Narratives of DeclineHerman Paul 3 The Mysterious Case of Analytic Philosophy of History: Paradigm Turn in Historiography RevisitedPiotr Kowalewski 4 Philosophy of History and Analytical Philosophy in Germany: A Special Relationship?Chris Lorenz 5 The Future of Philosophy of Historiography: Reviving or Reinventing?Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen 6 A Pragmatist Critique of Dogmatic Philosophy of HistorySerge Grigoriev 7 Non-representationalism in Philosophy of History: A Case StudyEugen Zeleňák 8 What Do Narratives Explain? Roth, Mink and WeberStephen Turner 9 How Do Narratives Explain? A Comment from the Point of View of Poznań School of MethodologyKrzysztof Brzechczyn 10 Antinomies, Multiple Realities and the PastsRafał Paweł Wierzchosławski 11 Is a Dramatic Theory of History Possible? Shakespeare’s Richard ii and ‘Historical Truth’   Géza Kállay 12 Making up ‘Vulnerable’ People: Human Subjects and the Subjective Experience of Medical ExperimentNancy D. Campbell and Laura Stark 13 “Spring and Autumn Annals” as Narrative ExplanationDawid Rogacz 14 Comments and RepliesPaul A. Roth Index


The volume will be of interest to graduate and undergraduate students who study analytical philosophy of history, methodology of history, philosophy of social sciences, as well as theory and history of historiography.


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