Seen and Unseen: Visual Cultures of Imperialism


Seen and Unseen teases out and explores how visual mediums construct visual cultures that often create limited perspectives of certain issues and groups. This volume focuses in particular on the representation of Islam and Muslims. It deals with fixed and stereotypical visual representations and explores alternative and challenging visual representations that reconstruct and dismantle existing belief systems. It approaches the topic from a vantage point of diverse multiple perspectives. Covering issues from Brunei, Iran, Egypt, and England and cyberspace, the essays in this volume examine the visual cultures of how Islam and Muslims are understood, misunderstood, misrepresented, or even embraced visually. Scholars in this volume draw on historical paintings, books and their covers, photography, and news to demonstrate the diversity and sometimes contradictory visual cultures that construct and adhere meaning to how Islam and Muslim people are seen.

Contributors: Hoda Afshar, Jared Ahmed, Syed Farid Alatas, Sanaz Fotouhi, Christiane Gruber, Layla Hendow, Raihana M.M., Bruno Starrs and Esmaeil Zeiny.

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Sanaz Fotouhi is a creative writer, filmmaker and holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales in diasporic literatures. Her book The Literature of the Iranian Diaspora (IB Tauris, 2015) is the one the first of its kind that examines the body of diasporic Iranian writing in English.

Esmaeil Zeiny is research fellow at the Institute of Malaysian and International Studies, National University of Malaysia. He received his PhD in Postcolonial literature in English from the National University of Malaysia. His research interests lie at the intersection of history, political theory, cultural studies and literary studies.
Acknowledgments List of Figures Notes on Contributors Introduction. Visual Cultures of Islam: The Seen, Unseen and the in BetweenSanaz Fotouhi and Esmaeil Zeiny

Part 1: Imaging Histories

1 The Arrest of Diponegoro: Visual Orientalism and Its AlternativeSyed Farid Alatas 2 Images of the Prophet Muhammad: Brief Thoughts on Some European-Islamic EncountersChristiane Gruber

Part 2: Unseen Reality

3 Nightmarish Visions? Shifting Visual Representations of the ‘Islamic’ Terrorist Throughout the ‘War on Terror’Jared Ahmad 4 Oil and Women: Invisibility as Power in Nawal El-Saadawi’s Love in the Kingdom of OilLayla Hendow 5 ‘World Hijab Day’: Positioning the Hijabi in CyberspaceRaihanah M. M.

Part 3: Interrogating Visual Representations

6 Contemporary Bruneian Cinema in the Context of Sharia LawD. Bruno Starrs 7 Visual Discourses of (Un)veiling: Revisiting Women of AllahEsmaeil Zeiny 8 Visibility and Veiling: Iranian Art on the Global SceneHoda Afshar 9 From Woman to Tehran: The Shifting Representations of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Book Covers by Iranian Writers in EnglishSanaz Fotouhi
All interested in visual cultures, representations of Islam, visual studies including postgraduate students, lecturers, and undergrad students researching in the area.
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