Care of the Self

Ancient Problematizations of Life and Contemporary Thought


The studies included in the Care of the Self: Ancient Problematizations of Life and Contemporary Thought focus on different manifestations of “taking care of the self” present in ancient and contemporary thought. Each of these studies approaches the issue of taking care of the self from a different perspective: Part I by Vladislav Suvák focuses on Socrates’ therapeutic education; Part II by Lívia Flachbartová centres on Diogenes’ ascetic practices; and Part III by Pavol Sucharek concentrates on Henri Maldiney’s existential phenomenology.
Taking care of the self ( epimeleia heautou) is not just one of a great many topics associated with ancient ethics. Echoing Michel Foucault, we could say that the care of the self applies to all problematizations of life.

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Biographical Note
Vladislav Suvák, PhD. (1964), University of Prešov, is Professor of Ancient Philosophy. He has published monographs and many articles on Socratic movement, including Antisthenis Fragmenta (2013) and Diogenis Fragmenta (2016). Recently he has edited Antisthenica Cynica Scratica (Prague, OIKOYMENH, 2014).

Lívia Flachbartová, PhD. (1987), University of Prešov (Slovakia), has acquired her PhD. in 2014. Her research interests include Socratic tradition, Nietzsche, and Foucault. She has published many articles on Cynicism and monograph Diogenian Cynicism as a Way of Life (Prešov, 2015).

Pavol Sucharek, PhD. (1981), University of Prešov, is Assistant Professor of Modern Philosophy. His research interests include contemporary French philosophy, phenomenology, and metaphysics. He has published monographs, translations and many articles on phenomenology, ethics and aesthetics.
Table of contents

1 Socratic Therapy as Taking Care of the Self and Others
Vladislav Suvák

2 The Care of the Self and Diogenes’ Ascetic Practices
Lívia Flachbartová

3 The Care of the Self and Its Phenomenological Constitution: Henri Maldiney
Pavol Sucharek

All readers interested in Ancient Philosophy, Ancient Ethics, Modern Phenomenology, especially anyone interested in Socratic Movement, Antisthenes, Cynicism, and existential phenomenology of Henri Maldiney.
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