The Sanskrit Yasna Manuscript S1

Facsimile Edition


The manuscript S1 is one of the chief witnesses to the Sanskrit Yasna, containing the Avestan text of the Zoroastrian Yasna liturgy to chapter 46.19, together with a Sanskrit translation and commentary. This book contains the complete, full-colour set of facsimile images of S1.
An introduction by Leon Goldman provides an overview of the Zoroastrian Sanskrit tradition together with a discussion of the S1 manuscript covering its physical appearance, its age and history, and for the first time, a detailed palaeographic analysis of the Avestan and Sanskrit text.

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Leon Goldman, Ph.D. (2012), SOAS, University of London, is a Postdoctoral Researcher at that university. His publications include the monograph Rašn Yašt: The Avestan Hymn to ‘Justice’ (Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2015).

1 Introduction

2 The Parsi Sanskrit Tradition

3 Physical Description

4 Age and History

5 Palaeography
 5.1 Avestan Palaeography
 5.2 Sanskrit Palaeography

6 Pahlavi Text

7 Range of Extant Text

8 Note to the Facsimile Images

9 Facsimile Images
Those interested in the Zoroastrian religion, and the Avestan and Sanskrit languages.
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