IV. Biography and Antiquarian Literature, B. History of Literature, Music, Art and Culture. Fasc. 9: Dikaiarchos of Messene [No 1400]


This book is the first volume to appear in print since 1999 in Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker Continued, which continues Felix Jacoby’s monumental but uncompleted collection of fragmentary Greek historiography. It is part of section IV B (History of Literature, Music, Art and Culture) and provides a critical edition, translation and commentary of the fragments of Dikaiarchos, a pupil of Aristotle from late fourth century BCE. Dikaiarchos wrote about cultural history, literature, philosophers, politics, geography, ethics and the soul. The book advances the state of the art by presenting a new text and demarcation of the fragments, a study of the method of the authors citing Dikaiarchos, new readings and interpretations of the fragments and a reassessment of Dikaiarchos’ value as a historian.

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Biographical Note
Gertjan Verhasselt is a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven, Belgium, where he obtained his Ph.D. in 2014. His publications focus on fragmentary historiography, philosophy (especially Aristotle and the Peripatos) and literary papyri.
Table of contents
Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction  1  Life  2  Dates  3  Famous Homonyms  4  Works  5  Dikaiarchos as a historian  6  Dikaiarchos’ reception  7  Prolegomena Edition and TranslationTestimoniaFragmenta


TTestimonia vitaeTestimonia operumTestimonia artis F  1  Life of Greece  2  On the destruction of men  3  On the Sacrifice in Ilion  4  Descent into the Sanctuary of Trophonios  5  Olympikos  6  Panathenaïkos  7  On Musical Contests  8  On Dionysiac Contests  9  On Alkaios  10  On Lives  11  Tripolitikos  12  Fragments without a book title  13  Incerta  14  Reiecta Concordances Literature Index
Classicists, ancient historians and philosophers, especially those interested in the school of Aristotle and in historiography of the early Hellenistic period.
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