Media, Ideology and Hegemony


Editor: Savaş Çoban
Media, Ideology and Hegemony contains a range of topics that provide readers with opportunities to think critically about the new digital world. This includes work on old and new media, on the corporate power structure in communication and information technology, and on government use of media to control citizens. Demonstrating that the new world of media is a hotly contested terrain, the book also uncovers the contradictions inherent in the system of digital power and documents how citizens are using media and information technology to actively resist repressive power. This collection of essays is grounded with a critical theoretical foundation, and is informed by the importance of undertaking the analysis in historical perspective.

Contributors are: Alfonso M. Rodríguez de Austria Giménez de Aragon, Burton Lee Artz, Arthur Asa Berger, Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Marco Briziarelli, Savaş Çoban, Jeffrey Hoffmann, Junhao Hong, Robert Jensen, Douglas Kellner, Thomas Klikauer, Peter Ludes, Tanner Mirrlees, Vincent Mosco, Victor Pickard, Padmaja Shaw, Nick Stevenson, Gerald Sussman, Minghua Xu.
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Biographical Note

Savaş Çoban, Ph.D. (1975), is an independent researcher. He has published articles, edited books on media and communication, including Media and Left (Brill, 2014).

Table of contents

Vincent Mosco


Savaş Çoban

1. Global Media Practices and Cultural Hegemony: Growing, Harvesting, and Marketing the Consuming Audience
Burton Lee Artz

2. The Return of Radical Humanism in Marxism and Anarchism: The Art of Refusal, Resistance and Humility
Nick Stevenson

3. The Culture of Capitalism
Arthur Asa Berger

4. Adorno on Ideology: Ideology Critique and Mass Consumerism
Thomas Klikauer

5. Hegemony, Ideology, Media
Savaş Çoban

6. Hegemony and the Media: A Culturally Materialist Narrative of Digital Labor in Contemporary Capitalism
Marco Briziarelli & Jeffrey Hoffmann

7. Distorted Knowledge and Repressive Power
Peter Ludes

8. Counter-Hegemony Narratives: Revolutionary Songs
Padmaja Shaw

9. The US Empire’s Cultural Industries, at War Selling and Subverting the Idelogy of Militarism
Tanner Mirrlees

10. Donald Trump and the Politics of the Spectacle
Douglas Kellner

11. The US Media, State Legitimacy, and the New Cold War
Gerald Sussman

12. American Journalism’s Ideology Why the Liberal” Media is Fundamentalist
Robert Jensen

13. Media Activism from Above and Below: Lessons from the 1940s American Reform Movement
Victor Picard

14. The Role of the Hollywood Motion Picture Production Code (1930-1966) in the Creation of Hegemony
Alfonso M. Rodríguez de Austria Giménez de Aragón

15. MH17 as Free-Floating Atrocity Propaganda
Oliver Boyd-Barrett

16. Commercial Reform and the Political Function of Chinese Television: A New Model in A New Era?
Junhao Hong and Minghua Xu



All interested in media, ideology and hegemony.