A Companion to Medieval Toledo

Reconsidering the Canons


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A Companion to Medieval Toledo. Reconsidering the Canons explores the limits of “Convivencia” through new and problematized readings of material familiar to specialists and offers a thoughtful initiation for the non-specialist into the historical, cultural, and religious complexity of the iconic city of Toledo. The volume seeks to understand the history and cultural heritage of the city as a result of fluctuating coexistence. Divided into three themed sections,- the essays consider additional material, new transcriptions, and perspectives that contribute to more nuanced understandings of traditional texts or events. The volume places this cultural history and these new readings into current scholarly debates and invites its readers to do the same.

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Yasmine Beale-Rivaya, Ph.D. (2006), UCLA, is Associate Professor at Texas State University. Her research and publications center on the languages used in borderland communities living between the Andalusí and Christian frontier from the ninth to the early fourteenth century.
Jason Busic, Ph.D. (2009), The Ohio State University, is Assistant Professor at Denison University. He works on the confluence of religion, language, and ethnicity in the articulation of identity among the Arabized Christians of al-Andalus and the Moriscos.
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Part 1: The City and Shared Spaces

1 Al-Ma‌‌ʾmūn of Toledo: A Warrior in the Palace Garden
Michelle Hamilton

2 Prestige to Power: Toledo’s Cathedral Chapter and Assimilated Identity
Patrick Harris

3 Evolución de las fortificaciones medievales en la Península Ibérica: el caso de Toledo
Fernando Valdés Fernandez

Part 2: Theology/Genealogy/Kinship

4 Old Hispanic Chant Manuscripts of Toledo: Testimonies of a Local or of a Wider Tradition?
Raquel Rojo Carrillo

5 Christian Theology in Arabic and the Mozarabs of Medieval Toledo: Primary Texts, Main Themes, and Potential Problems
Jason Busic

6 Toledo 1449: The Complex Political Space(s) and Dynamics of Civic Violence
Linde M. Brocato

7 Toledo as a Geographical and Literary Reference in the Blood-Libel Legend
David Navarro

Part 3: Language and Translation

8 Shared Legal Spaces in the Arabic Language Notarial Documents of Toledo
Yasmine Beale-Rivaya

9 Tathlīth al-waḥdāniyya (The Trebling of the Oneness): Translated from Arabic
Clint Hackenburg

10 The Toledan Translation Movement and Dominicus Gundissalinus: Some Remarks on His Activity and Presence in Castile
Nicola Polloni

Epilogue: Re-reading the Canons of Medieval Toledo: Echoes of Debates of Iberian Historiography
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All interested in Medieval Toledo, Medieval Iberia, culture contact and identity, religious studies, legal texts, manuscript studies, Iberian history, European and Mediterranean culture and hybridization, and Hispanic or Spanish identity.
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