The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology

Together with the Medieval Latin Translation of Adelard of Bath


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Abū Ma‘šar (787-886, in Western Europe known as Albumasar) was the best known astrologer of the Middle Ages in both the Islamic world and the Christian West. His master-work was the Great Introduction to astrology, which was copied into numerous Arabic manuscripts, translated twice into Latin, and printed in the Renaissance. However, he himself made an abbreviation of this work, which summarised the astrological information in the larger work in a convenient way. This abbreviation survives in two Arabic manuscripts and a Latin translation made by Adelard of Bath in the early twelfth century.
The Abbreviation of the Introduction to Astrology contains the first edition of the Abbreviation and the Latin translation, with English translations of both texts and several indexes. As well as being of interest to cultural historians it should serve as a useful introduction to medieval astrology.

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Michio Yano, Professor of Kyoto Sangyo University, teaches Sanskrit, Arabic, and History of Science. He has published extensively on the History of Indian astronomy and astrology, including Astrologers' India (Tokyo, 1992, in Japanese).
Charles Burnett, Ph.D. (Cambridge, 1976), lecturer in the history of Arabic/Islamic influence in Europe in the Middle Ages at the Warburg Institute, University of London, has written over fifty articles on the transmission of Arabic learning and medieval European culture.
Keiji Yamamoto was Associate Professor at Kyoto Sangyo University, Institute for World Affairs and Cultures. He edited and translated several Arabic astrology texts into English and Japanese.
'This is another excellent contribution to the steadily increasing archive of classic astrological texts. There is little to say except buy it.'
Nick Campion, Astrology Quarterly, 1994.
'[The authors] have admirably succeeded in their goal to enrich our knowledge of medieval astrology.'
Medical History, 1995.
'...this learned and convenient edition of Albumasar's work is a major contribution to scholarship.'
Leonard R.N. Ashley, Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance, 1995.
'...a work that must be considered a model of its kind and an example of how Latinists and Arabists must collaborate to illuminate the building of Arabic medieval astrology.'
Angel Mestres, ISIS, 1996.
Cultural historians, astrologers, students of Arabic and Latin philology and translation theory, and historians of science. This book should be in astrological society libraries as well as all university libraries.
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