A Companion to Erasmus


The new Companion to Erasmus in the Renaissance Society of America’s Texts and Studies Series draws on the insights of an international team of distinguished experts whose contributions are arrayed in eleven chapters followed by a detailed chronological catalogue of Erasmus’ works and an up-to-date bibliography of secondary sources.
The ambition of this companion is to illuminate every aspect of Erasmus’ life, work, and legacy while providing an expert synthesis of the most inspiring research in the field. This volume will be of invaluable assistance to students and teachers working in any of the numerous disciplines to which Erasmus devoted his tireless efforts, including philosophy, religion, history, rhetoric, education, and the history of the book.

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Eric MacPhail, Ph.D. (1988, Princeton University) is Professor of French at Indiana University. He is the author of numerous books and articles on European Renaissance literature, and since 2013 he has served as editor of the scholarly journal Erasmus Studies.


1 A Life of Learning: Erasmus’ Literary & Educational Writings
Brian Cummings

2 Erasmus and the Church Fathers
Mark Vessey

3 Erasmus and the Philosophers
Anita Traninger

4 Erasmus and Biblical Scholarship
Jan Bloemendal

5 Erasmus and Luther: Free Will and Tradition
Greta Kroeker

6 Proverbial Wisdom: The Adagiorum Chiliades
Robert Kilpatrick

7 The Correspondence of Erasmus
Christine Bénévent

8 Print and Humanism: Portrait of Erasmus as a Paper Oracle
Alexandre Vanautgaerden

9 Erasmus in the History of Religious Tolerance
Eric MacPhail

10 Erasmus and the Other
Terence J. Martin

11 Erasmus in Translation (16th–17th Centuries)
Paul J. Smith

Catalogue of the Works of Erasmus of Rotterdam
Joan Tello

Everyone interested in Renaissance humanism and neo-Latin studies as well as the history of religion, the history of rhetoric, and the history of the book. Keywords: Erasmus, New Testament, Luther, history of the book, proverbs, women, translation, Church Fathers.
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