Handbook of East Asian New Religious Movements


A vibrant cauldron of new religious developments, East Asia (China/Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam) presents a fascinating arena of related research for scholars across disciplines. Edited by Lukas Pokorny and Franz Winter, the Handbook of East Asian New Religious Movements provides the first comprehensive and reliable guide to explore the vast East Asian new religious panorama. Penned by leading scholars in the field, the assembled contributions render the Handbook an invaluable resource for those interested in the crucial new religious actors and trajectories of the region.
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Biographical Note

Lukas Pokorny, Ph.D. (2008), is Professor and Chair in Religious Studies at the Department of Religious Studies, University of Vienna. He has published on new religious movements, millenarianism, and Confucianism. His present research focuses, among others, on ethnocentrism and millenarian beliefs in East Asian new religious movements.

Franz Winter, Ph.D. (1999 and 2005) and Habilitation (2010), is teaching Religious Studies at the University of Graz. His areas of research comprise, among others, the history of religious contact between Asia and Europe from Antiquity to the present and new religious movements.

Contributors are: Erica Baffelli, Donald L. Baker, Paul Beirne, Sergei Blagov, Pascal Bourdeaux, Bongkil Chung, Philip Clart, Ugo Dessì, Emily Dunn, Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen, Esther-Maria Guggenmos, Marcus Günzel, Edward Irons, Jérémy Jammes, John Jorgensen, Hui-yeon Kim, Hideaki Matsuoka, Benjamin Penny, Victoria Rose Montrose, Barbara Rossetti Ambros, Monika Schrimpf, Timothy Smith, Birgit Staemmler, Nancy K. Stalker, Gregory Wilkinson, Yu-shuang Yao, Carl F. Young

Table of contents


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List of Contributors

1 East Asian New Religious Movements: Introductory Remarks
Lukas Pokorny and Franz Winter

Part 1: Japanese New Religious Movements

2 Japanese New Religious Movements: An Introduction
Franz Winter
3 Tenrikyō
Barbara Rossetti Ambros and Timothy Smith
4 Ōmoto
Nancy K. Stalker
5 Perfect Liberty Kyōdan
Monika Schrimpf
6 Seichō no Ie
Birgit Staemmler
7 Sōka Gakkai
Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen
8 Sekai Kyūseikyō
Hideaki Matsuoka
9 Shinnyoen
Victoria Rose Montrose
10 Risshō Kōseikai
Ugo Dessì
11 Sūkyō Mahikari
Gregory Wilkinson
12 Aum Shinrikyō
Erica Baffelli
13 Kōfuku no Kagaku
Franz Winter

Part 2: Korean New Religious Movements

14 Korean New Religious Movements: An Introduction
Lukas Pokorny
15 Tonghak/Ch’ŏndogyo
Paul L. Beirne and Carl F. Young
16 Taejonggyo
John Jorgensen
17 Wŏnbulgyo
Bongkil Chung
18 Unification Movement
Lukas Pokorny
19 Yŏŭido Sunbog’ŭm Kyohoe
Hui-yeon Kim
20 Taesunjillihoe
John Jorgensen
21 Tan Wŏltŭ
Donald L. Baker

Part 3: Chinese New Religious Movements

22 Chinese New Religious Movements: An Introduction
Edward A. Irons
23 Yīguàn Dào
Philip Clart
24 Fójiào Cíjì Gōngdé Huì
Yu-Shuang Yao
25 Fóguāngshān
Marcus Günzel
26 Fǎgǔshān
Esther-Maria Guggenmos
27 Quánnéngshén Jiàohuì (Dōngfāng Shǎndiàn)
Emily Dunn
28 Fǎlún Gōng
Benjamin Penny

Part 4: Vietnamese New Religious Movements

29 Vietnamese New Religious Movements: An Introduction
Sergei Blagov
30 Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ (Cao Đài)
Jérémy Jammes
31 Phật Giáo Hòa Hảo
Pascal Bourdeaux



For all interested in contemporary East Asia, East Asian religions, and anyone concerned with the study of new religious movements.