Ten Lectures on Event Structure in a Network Theory of Language


In Ten Lectures on Event Structure in a Network Theory of Language, Nikolas Gisborne explores verb meaning. He discusses theories of events and how a network model of language-in-the-mind should be theorized; what the lexicon is; how to probe word meaning; evidence for structure in word meaning; polysemy; the lexical semantics of causation; a type hierarchy of events; and event types cross-linguistically. He also looks at the relationship between different classes of events or event types and aktionsarten; transitivity alternations and argument linking. Gisborne argues that the social and cognitive embedding of language, requires a view of linguistic structure as a network where even the analysis of verb meaning can require an understanding of the role of speaker and hearer.

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Biographical Note
Nikolas Gisborne, Ph.D. (1996), University College London, is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. He has published on events, the network model, and language change. He is the author of The Event Structure of Perception Verbs (OUP 2010).
All interested in cognitive linguistics and anyone concerned with events and event structure.
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