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Appearing in an era of rapid change in the printing and publishing industries, James Joyce’s Ulysses exploited and exemplified those industries to the degree that the book can be seen as a virtual museum of 1904 media. Publishing in Joyce's “Ulysses”: Newspapers, Advertising and Printing, edited by William S. Brockman, Tekla Mecsnóber and Sabrina Alonso, gathers twelve essays by Joyce scholars exploring facets of those trades that pervade the substance of the book. Essays explore the book’s incorporation of mass-market weekly magazines, contemporary advertising slogans, newspaper clippings, the “Aeolus” episode’s printing office and the varied typographic styles of successive editions of Ulysses. Placing Joyce’s work in its historical milieu, the collection offers a fresh perspective on modern print culture.

Contributors are: Sabrina Alonso, Harald Beck, William S. Brockman, Elisabetta d'Erme, Judith Harrington, Matthew Hayward, Sangam MacDuff, Tekla Mecsnóber, Tamara Radak, Fritz Senn, David Spurr, Jolanta Wawrzycka.

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Sabrina Alonso
Sabrina Alonso holds a degree from the University of Zurich. Her most recent publication is an essay in Parallaxing Joyce (2017). She maintains the online progress report Thursdayswake for the Zurich Finnegans Wake reading group, accompanied by Wake-derived collages.

William S. Brockman
William S. Brockman is Librarian for Literature at Pennsylvania State University, bibliographer for the James Joyce Quarterly, including the online “James Joyce Checklist”. He has lectured and published essays on Joyce and is co-editing a forthcoming edition of Joyce's correspondence.

Tekla Mecsnóber
Tekla Mecsnóber teaches at the University of Groningen. She co-edited Joycean Unions: Post-Millennial Essays from East to West in the European Joyce Studies series. Her current research involves investigating linguistic and typographic aspects in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.
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1 George Newnes’s Most Entertaining Publication
Judith Harrington
2 Bloom, the Dandy, the Nymph and the Old Hag: Tit-Bits and Photo Bits, Reflections of the Victorian Press in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Elisabetta d’Ermes
3 Types of News Events
Fritz Senn
4 Newspapers, Print, Language: Steganography in Joyce
Jolanta Wawrzycka
5 Classified Advertising in Joyce>
David Spurr
6 “But Who Was Gerty?” Intertextuality and the Advertising Language of “Nausicaa”
Matthew Hayward
7 Advertising in Ulysses
Sabrina Alonso
8 “Aeolus” – A Sightseeing Tour
Harald Beck
9 “Aeolus”, Interrupted: Heady Headlines and Joycean Negotiations of Closure
Tamara Radak
10 The Self-Reflexive Text of “Aeolus”
Sangam MacDuff
11 “Clio’s Clippings”: From Newspaper to Press Cutting
William S. Brockman
12 The Ineluctable Modernity of the Visible: The Typographic Odyssey of Ulysses in Interwar Print Culture
Tekla Mecsnóber


Scholars and post-graduate students interested in Joyce studies, Edwardian print culture, history of the book, media studies, typography, modernism, periodical studies and historical approaches to 20th-century literature.
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