Johann Michael Wansleben's Travels in the Levant, 1671-1674

An Annotated Edition of His Italian Report


Johann Michael Wansleben’s Travels in the Levant, 1671–1674 is a hitherto unpublished version of a remarkable description of Egypt and the Levant by the German scholar traveller Wansleben, or Vansleb (as he was known in France). He set out for the East in 1671 to collect
manuscripts and antiquities for the French king and also produced the best study of the Copts to have appeared to date. This book recounts his travels in Syria, Turkey and Egypt, his everyday life in Cairo, and his anthropological and archeological discoveries which include the Graeco-Roman Ǧabbārī cemetery in Alexandria, the Roman city of Antinopolis on the Nile, the Coptic monastery of St Anthony on the Red Sea and the Red and White monasteries in Upper Egypt.
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Alastair Hamilton, Ph.D. (1982), Cambridge, is Senior Research Fellow at the Warburg Institute, London University. He has published
monographs and articles on relations between Europe and the Arab world, including The Copts and the West 1439-1822 (2006, 2nd.ed. 2014).

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Giornale nel quale egli racconta le sue osservationi le più curiose, che egli ha fatto sopra li luoghi e paesi per dove egli è passato e li avenimenti li più memorabili che gli sono arrivati nel suo viaggio in Levante

Part 1: Parte prima del giornale

Part 2: La seconda parte del giornale

Part 3: La terza parte del giornale

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All interested in seventeenth-century travel literature, Egypt and the Levant, the Copts, the history of manuscript collecting, antiquarianism, the history of archaeology, and French consulates in the Levant.


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