The Horoscope of Emperor Baldwin II

Political and Sociocultural Dynamics in Latin-Byzantine Constantinople


In The Horoscope of Emperor Baldwin II Filip Van Tricht presents a microstudy of political, social and cultural life in Latin-Byzantine Constantinople and Romania. A ‘new’ set of sources is used to question the traditionally negative view of the Byzantine capital under Latin rule. Combined with an analysis of other underused historical materials, mid-13th century Latin-Byzantine Constantinople is redefined as a city that—in spite of the Western conquest during the Fourth Crusade—remained dynamic, with vibrant internal and international politics, and with interesting developments in the social, religious, artistic, and scientific spheres. Against the background of a shared Roman past the metropolis on the Bosporus became a fascinating laboratory of Latin-Byzantine interaction.

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Biographical Note
Filip Van Tricht, Ph.D. (2003), University of Ghent, is researcher at the Department of History at that university. He has authored publications on the Byzantine empire and Latin Romania in the 13th century, including The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium (Brill, 2011).
Table of contents
1 Manuscript Tradition, Authorship, Date & Aim

Part 1:Political Dynamics

2 A Byzantine-Style Imperial Ideology
3 Internal Rivalries at Court
4 Attempts at Geopolitical Restauration

Part 2:Cultural Dynamics

5 The Astrological Corpus: Western and Byzantine Influences
6 Literature and Sciences in Latin-Byzantine Constantinople
7 The Arts and Artistic Production in Latin-Byzantine Constantinople

Part 3:Appendixes

1 Astrological poem
2 Horoscope of Baldwin II of Courtenay
3 Introductoire d’Astronomie: Selected Chapters

All those interested in the history of Byzantium, the history of the Crusades, and the history of the Middle Ages (culture, arts, sciences).
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