The Rhythm of Modernization: How Values Change over Time


In The Rhythm of Modernization, Raül Tormos analyses the pace at which belief systems change across the developed world during the modernization process. It is often assumed that value change follows the slow rhythm of generational replacement. This book, however, reports trends that contradict this assumption in the field of values. Challenging Inglehart’s modernization theory, the transition from traditional to modern values happens much quicker than predicted. Many “baby-boomers” who were church-going, morally conservative materialists when they were young, become unchurched and morally tolerant postmaterialists in their later years. Using surveys from multiple countries over many years, and applying cutting-edge statistical techniques, this book shows how citizens quickly adapt their belief systems to new circumstances throughout their lives.

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Raül Tormos, Ph.D. (2013), Autonomous University of Barcelona, is a Senior Researcher at the Centre d’Estudis d’Opinió (Center for Opinion Studies), the official polling institute of the Catalan Government in Spain. His research appears in European Political Science Review, Social Indicators Research, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, among other journals.
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