Sustainable Ocean Resource Governance

Deep Sea Mining, Marine Energy and Submarine Cables

In Sustainable Ocean Resource Governance an international group of eminent authors offer perspectives on the legal interface between sustainable economic growth, effective marine resource management and urgent environmental protection of the sea by addressing three key issues: deep sea mining, marine energy generation, and seabed pipeline and cable systems. In light of the sectoral nature of current ocean governance and the existing patchwork of management arrangements for the oceans, this book gives insights in search for a coherent and consistent sustainability approach.

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Markus Kotzur is Professor of European and International Law at the University of Hamburg and Director of Studies at the Europa-Kolleg Hamburg.

Nele Matz-Lück is Professor of Public Law and International Law, especially Law of the Sea at Kiel University and Co-director of the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law.

Alexander Proelss is Professor of International and European Union Law at Trier University.

Roda Verheyen is partner at the law firm Günther in Hamburg, focusing on national and international environmental and planning law, and founder and former director of the Climate Justice Programme.

Joachim Sanden† was honorary Professor at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and head of the soil protection department of the Hamburg Environmental Protection Authority (BUE).
Foreword: Really a Sea Change – In Search for a Coherent and Consistent Sustainability Approach
List of Contributors

Part 1: Sustainable Ocean Resource Governance – The Wider Horizons

1 Opening Address
Vladimir V. Golitsyn
2 Sustainable Production of Offshore Renewable Energy: A Global Perspective
Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli
3 Sustainable Energy Generation from the Oceans
Henning Jessen
4 International Environmental Law, Sustainable Generation of Energy from the Ocean and Small Island Developing States in the Pacific
David Kenneth Leary
5 Realization of Sustainable Management/Development under the Law of the Sea Convention?
Rüdiger Wolfrum
6 Toward Sustainable Management of Marine Natural Resources
Yoshifumi Tanaka
7 Sustainable Management of Ocean Ecosystems: Some Comments
David Freestone

Part 2: Sustainable Ocean Resource Governance – The Specific Fields of Application

8 The Area: Common Heritage of Mankind, Sponsoring States of Convenience and Developing States
Edwin Egede
9 State Practice in Deep Seabed Mining: The Case of the People’s Republic of China
Keyuan Zou
10 Multinational Corporations and International Environmental Liability: International Subjectivity and Universal Jurisdiction (Backs and Forths after Kiobel)
Pablo Ferrara
11 OSPAR and Coastal State Encroachment on High Seas Submarine Cab
le Freedoms

Douglas R. Burnett
Academics, practitioners, and policy makers interested in sustainable use of marine resource and the protection of the sea. Particularly relevant for those with a research/practice focus on international environmental law and the law of the sea.
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