What is Protestant Art? presents an introduction to Protestant visual culture from the Reformation to the present. Examining historical images as evidence of changing practices and attitudes, Andrew T. Coates explores three major themes in the history of Protestant visual culture: 1) the religious work of images, 2) the relationship between word and image, 3) the power of the Bible and its visual representation. The book analyses images such as prints, paintings, maps of the ‘Holy Land,’ and Bible illustrations to demonstrate the broad range of images that could be classified as Protestant ‘art.’ This work argues that the variety of images and visual practices throughout Protestant history might better be described by the term ‘visual culture’ than ‘art.’

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Andrew T. Coates received a PhD in religious studies from Duke University (2016). He is the author of several articles on the visual culture of Protestantism in the United States, including an entry in The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America (OUP, 2017).
Scholars of Protestantism interested in images and visual arts. Students or professors looking for a brief, readable overview of current research on the history of Protestant visual and material culture.