Doing Humanities in Nineteenth-Century Germany


Editor: Efraim Podoksik
Doing Humanities in Nineteenth-Century Germany, edited by Efraim Podoksik, is a collaborative project by leading scholars in German studies that examines the practices of theorising and researching in the humanities as pursued by German thinkers and scholars during the long nineteenth century, and the relevance of those practices for the humanities today.
Each chapter focuses on a particular branch of the humanities, such as philosophy, history, classical philology, theology, or history of art. The volume both offers a broad overview of the history of German humanities and examines an array of particular cases that illustrate their inner dilemmas, ranging from Ranke’s engagement with the world of poetry to Max Weber’s appropriation of the notion of causality.

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Efraim Podoksik, Ph.D. (2002), University of Cambridge, is Senior Lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He specialises in the history of political thought and modern intellectual history. He is currently working on the thought of Georg Simmel.
Note on Contributors

Efraim Podoksik

Part 1
Historical Imagination

Philosophy: Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and Historicism
Michael N. Forster
Theology: Why Theology? Strategies of Legitimation: Protestant Theology in German Protestantism
Friedrich Wilhelm Graf
History: Between Archival Research and Aspirations to Leadership in Society: 19th-Century Germans as Practitioners in History
Daniel Fulda

Part 2
Studying the Beautiful
History of Art: Winckelmann’s Model of Art Historiography and Its Reception in the Late 18th and 19th Century
Elisabeth Décultot
Literary Studies: Two 19th-Century Models of Literary Study: August Wilhelm Schlegel and Friedrich Nietzsche
David E. Wellbery
Classical Philology: German Altertumswissenschaften, ‘Professorenhaarspalterei’ and Organising the Classics in the 19th Century
Christiane Reitz
Renaissance Studies: the Mother of Modernity: Jacob Burckhardt and the Idea of the Renaissance in 19th-Century Germany
Martin A. Ruehl

Part 3
Crossing the Borders
Science of Language: India vs America: the Science of Language in 19th-Century Germany
Jürgen Trabant
Exploring the world: On Vectopia: Alexander von Humboldt and Adelbert von Chamisso
Ottmar Ette
Völkerpsychologie: Völkerpsychologie in 19th-Century Germany: Lazarus, Steinthal, Wundt
Egbert Klautke
Sociology: the Emergence of Social Sciences out of the Quest for Causality: the Case of Max Weber
Gerhard Wagner

All interested in German intellectual history and German scholarship in various branches of the humanities, and anyone concerned with the methodology and practice of the humanities in general.