A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke

Chinese Homecoming and the Relationship with Jesus Christ


In A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke Xiaoli Yang offers a conversation between the Chinese soul-searching found in Haizi’s (1964–1989) poetry and the gospel of Jesus Christ through Luke’s testimony. It creates a unique contextual poetic lens that appreciates a generation of the Chinese homecoming journey through Haizi’s poetry, and explores its relationship with Jesus Christ. As the dialogical journey, it names four stages of homecoming—roots, vision, journey and arrival. By taking an interdisciplinary approach—literary study, inter-cultural dialogue and comparative theology, Xiaoli Yang convincingly demonstrates that the common language between the poet Haizi and the Lukan Jesus provides a crucial and rich source of data for an ongoing table conversation between culture and faith.


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Biographical Note

Xiaoli Yang, Ph.D. (2016), University of Divinity, Australia, is Postdoctoral Associate and Adjunct Lecturer at Whitley College of that university. She is a pastor, mentor and poet. She has published journal articles, book chapters and bilingual poetry for both academic and general readers.


All interested in Chinese Christianity, and anyone concerned with contemporary Chinese culture, and creative intercultural conversations between the gospel and Chinese culture.