On the Fringes of Literature and Digital Media Culture

Perspectives from Eastern and Western Europe


On the Fringes of Literature and Digital Media Culture offers a polyphonic account of mutual interpenetrations of literature and new media. Shifting its focus from the personal to the communal and back again, the volume addresses such individual experiences as immersion and emotional reading, offers insights into collective processes of commercialisation and consumption of new media products and explores the experience and mechanisms of interactivity, convergence culture and participatory culture. Crucially, the volume also shows convincingly that, though without doubt global, digital culture and new media have their varied, specifically local facets and manifestations shaped by national contingencies. The interplay of the common subtext and local colour is discussed by the contributors from Eastern Europe and the Western world.

Contributors are: Justyna Fruzińska, Dirk de Geest, Maciej Jakubowiak, Michael Joyce, Kinga Kasperek, Barbara Kaszowska-Wandor, Aleksandra Małecka, Piotr Marecki, Łukasz Mirocha, Aleksandra Mochocka, Emilya Ohar, Mariusz Pisarski, Anna Ślósarz, Dawn Stobbart, Jean Webb, Indrė Žakevičienė, Agata Zarzycka.

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Irena Barbara Kalla, PhD (2000), Habil (2014), teaches literature at the Department of Dutch Studies, University of Wrocław. She has published widely on Dutch and Flemish literature, including Programy romantyzmu w Niderlandach (2007) and Huisbeelden in de moderne Nederlandstalige poëzie (2012).

Patrycja Poniatowska, PhD (2000), taught at the Department of English Studies, University of Wrocław, and published on Dutch and English Renaissance literature. Currently, she is a book editor and translator (e.g. R. Shusterman, Myślenie ciała/Thinking through the Body, 2016).

Dorota Michułka, PhD (1996), Habil (2014), Head of Methodology of Polish Literature and Language Teaching, University of Wrocław. She has published Ad usum Delphini: Edukacja literacka (2013) and articles on children’s literature and culture education. She is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Filoteknos.
“The newly edited book On the Fringes of Literature and Digital Media Culture: Perspectives from Eastern and Western Europe by Irene Barbara Kalla, Patrycja Poniatowska and Dorota Michuƚka presents eye-opening research and literary experiments that are largely foreign to literary studies in Southeast Asia.”
- Florence Toh Haw Ching, Ikhlas Abdul Hadi, Australian International Academic Centre AU in International Journal of Education & Literacy Studies, 2018 pp. 187-188.
Barbara Kalla, Patrycja Poniatowska and Dorota Michułka

Part 1: From the Centre to the Fringes and Back Again

1 Two Ends and One Beginning: Notes on the Future of Writing in the Post-Medial Context
Mariusz Pisarski
2 Digital Literature, Deinosis and Haptic Reading
Barbara Kaszowska-Wandor
3 Edgar Allan Poe’s Adventures in Convergence Culture
Agata Zarzycka
4 The Book and the Tablet as Media of Children’s Literature: A Ukrainian Case
Emilia Ohar
5 Literary Experiments with Automatic Translation: A Case Study of a Creative Experiment Involving King Ubu and Google Translate
Aleksandra Małecka and Piotr Marecki
6 Helping Ourselves Out of the Margins: Handbooks for Creative Writing as a Tool for Analyzing Literary Dynamics
Dirk de Geest

Part 2: Games: Where Narratives (Do Not) Fear to Tread

7 The Witcher Adventure (Board) Game in The Witcher Transmedia Universe
Aleksandra Mochocka
8 Playing the Future History of Humanity: Situating Fallout 3 as a Narratological Artefact
Dawn Stobbart
9 Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media The NetwarsOut of Control Transmedia Project – A Case Study
Łukasz Mirocha
10 The Pitfalls of Narration: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Justyna Fruzińska

Part 3: The Literary, the Digital and Their Social (Dis)Contents

11 Alice and Paddington: Digital Migrants from Book to Film
Jean Webb
12 Futures of Copyright: Literature as a Medium of Legal Change
Maciej Jakubowiak
13 Consumers of Popular Culture or Demanding Dictators? The Lithuanian Case
Indrė Žakevičienė
14 Product Placement Novels as a Literary Margin
Anna Ślósarz
15 Book Blogosphere on the Polish Internet
Kinga Kasperek
16 “Children of Our Age”: Digital Media and the Lie of Literature
Michael Joyce
A readership interested in the culture of digital media, 21st-century popular literature, experimental literature, games, children’s culture and cultural change in Central Europe.
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