Jesuit Intellectual and Physical Exchange between England and Mainland Europe, c. 1580-1789

"The World is our House"?


Jesuit Intellectual and Physical Exchange between England and Mainland Europe, c. 1580–1789: ‘The World is our House’? offers new perspectives on the English Mission of the Society of Jesus. It brings together an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars to explore the Mission’s role and wider impact within the Society, as well as early modern European Catholicism. Building on recent movements within the field to decentralise the Catholic Reformation, the volume seeks to change perceptions of the English Mission as peripheral, bringing the archipelagic experience of Jesuits working in the British Isles in line with work on their European confreres and the broader global network of the Society of Jesus.

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James E. Kelly, Ph.D. (2009), King’s College London, is Sweeting Research Fellow in the History of Catholicism at Durham University. He has published widely on post-Reformation British and Irish Catholic communities at home and in exile.

Hannah Thomas, Ph.D. (2014), Swansea University, is Special Collections Manager and Research Fellow at the Bar Convent, York, the oldest living convent in England. She has published widely on Welsh Catholicism and Jesuit book history.
Hannah Thomas

Part 1
Rediscovering the English Mission

1. “To wyn yow to heaven”: Edmund Campion’s Winning Words
Gerard Kilroy
2. Edmund Campion’s Prague Homilies: The Concionale ex concionibus a R. P. Edmundo Campiano
Clarinda Calma
3. The Most Catholic King and the “Hispanized Camelion”: Philip II and Robert Persons
Victor Houliston

Part 2
The Jesuits and English Culture

4. Jesuit Drama Crossing the Channel: Jakob Gretser and William Shakespeare’s Pericles and Timon of Athens
Sonja Fielitz
5. Relics and Cultures of Commemoration in the English Jesuit College of St. Omers in the Spanish Netherlands
Janet Graffius
6. Scheming Jesuits and Sound Doctrine?: The Influence of the Jesuits on English Catholic Music at Home and Abroad, c.1580–1640
Andrew Cichy

Part 3
English Jesuit Influence in Mainland Europe

7. “Extravagant” English Books at the Library of El Escorial and Jesuit Agency
Ana Sáez-Hidalgo
8. Spoils of War?: The Edict of Restitution and Benefactions to the English Province of the Society of Jesus
Thomas M. McCoog, S.J.
9. Invisible Threads of Divine Providence: The British Links in the Polemical Theology of Martinus Szent-Ivany (1633–1705)
Svorad Zavarský
10. Probabilism, Pluralism, and Papalism: Jesuit Allegiance Politics in the British Atlantic and Continental Europe, 1644–50
Christopher P. Gillett

Part 4
Pan-European Networks of Communication

11. Providence and Historiography in Pedro de Ribadeneyra’s Historia ecclesiastica del scisma del reyno de Inglaterra
Spencer J. Weinreich
12. Spiritual Exercises and Spiritual Exercises: Ascetic Intellectual Exchange in the English Catholic Community, c.1600–1794
Hannah Thomas
13. “Established and putt in good order”: The Venerable English College, Rome, under Jesuit Administration, 1579‒1685
Maurice Whitehead
14. Jesuit News Networks and Catholic Identity: The Letters of John Thorpe to the English Carmelite Nuns at Lierre, 1769–89
James E. Kelly
All interested in the history of early modern Catholicism, the Jesuits, and the peripheries of Catholic Europe, particularly academic libraries, specialists, post-graduate students, undergraduate students, and educated laymen.