A History of Russo-Japanese Relations

Over Two Centuries of Cooperation and Competition


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This publication is the result of a three-year research project between eminent Russian and Japanese historians. It offers an an in-depth analysis of the history of relations between Russia and Japan from the 18th century until the present day. The format of the publication as a parallel history presents views and interpretations from Russian and Japanese perspectives that showcase the differences and the similarities in their joint history. The fourteen core sections, organized along chronological lines, provide assessments on the complex and sensitive issues of bilateral Russo-Japanese relations, including the territory problem as well as economic exchange.

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Dmitry V. STRELTSOV is head of the Afro-Asian Department at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University). He is the author of numerous academic works, including the book Vneshnepoliticheskie prioritety Yaponii v Aziatsko-Tikhookeanskom regione (The Foreign Policy Priorities of Japan in the Asia Pacific, 2015).

SHIMOTOMAI Nobuo is professor at the Faculty of Law and Politics, Hōsei University, Tokyo. He specializes in Russian and CIS history, and has been an honorary research fellow and visiting scholar at various institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. His recent publications include Kami to kakumei (God and Revolution, 2017).
Iokibe Makoto

Anatoliĭ V. Torkunov

Dmitry V. Streltsov and Shimotomai Nobuo

Notes to Readers
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The Legacy of the 18th and 19th Centuries: from Hierarchical and Ethnocentric Foreign Relations to a Western Model of Equal International Relations
Ikuta Michiko

Russo-Japanese Relations in the 18th and 19th Centuries: Exploration and Negotiation
Sergey V. Grishachev

The Diplomatic Dimension of the Russo-Japanese War: the Portsmouth Conference and Its Aftermath
Tosh Minohara

Russia and Japan in the Late 19th to 20th Centuries: the Road to War and Peace
Igor V. Lukoyanov

Japanese-Russian Relations after the Treaty of Portsmouth: between Friendship and Suspicion
Kurosawa Fumitaka

Russo-Japanese Relations from 1905 to 1916: from Enemies to Allies
Yuriĭ S. Pestushko and Yaroslav A. Shulatov

World War I, Revolution, and Intervention: from the Perspective of the Japanese Diaspora in Russia
Hara Teruyuki

Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War and Japan’s Troops in Russia’s Far East, 1918–1922
Sergey V. Grishachev and Vladimir G. Datsyshen

Japanese-Russian Relations in the 1920s: Struggles between Anti-Soviet and Pro-Soviet Forces
Tomita Takeshi

Soviet-Japanese Relations in the 1920s: from Hostility to Coexistence
Vladimir A. Grinyuk, Yaroslav A. Shulatov and Anastasia S. Lozhkina

Japan’s Policy toward the Soviet Union, 1931–1941: the Japanese-Soviet Non-aggression Pact
Tobe Ryōchi
Translated by Radmir Compel

Soviet-Japanese Relations after the Manchurian Incident, 1931–1939
Anastasia S. Lozhkina, Yaroslav A. Shulatov and Kirill E. Cherevko

Wartime Relations between Japan and the Soviet Union, 1941–1945
Hatano Sumio

Issues of Dispute in Soviet-Japanese Relations during World War II: the Origins of Territorial Dispute
Andrey I. Kravtsevich

The Reality of the Siberian Internment: Japanese Captives in the Soviet Union and Their Movements after Repatriation
Tomita Takeshi
Translated by Sherzod Muminov

The “Маnchurian Blitzkrieg” of 1945 and Japanese Prisoners of War in the Soviet Union
Alekseĭ A. Кirichenko

From Peace to the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations: Soviet-Japanese Territorial Relations, 1951–1970
Kouno Yasuko and Shimotomai Nobuo
Translated by Robert D. Eldridge

Postwar Relations between the USSR and Japan from the Late 1940s to the 1950s
Sergey V. Chugrov

Soviet-Japanese Relations and the Principle of the “Indivisibility of Politics and Economics,” 1960–1985
Ozawa Haruko
Translated by Sherzod Muminov

Soviet-Japanese Relations from 1960 to 1985: an Era of Ups and Downs
Viktor V. Kuz’minkov and Viktor N. Pavlyatenko

The Rise to Power of Mikhail Gorbachev and the Policy of “Expanding Equilibrium”
Shimotomai Nobuo

Perestroika and Russian-Japanese Relations, 1985–1991
Konstantin O. Sarkisov

From the Tokyo Declaration to the Irkutsk Statement, 1991 to 2001
Tōgō Kazuhiko

Russian Policy toward Japan, 1992–2001: from Over-optimism to Realism in Developing Relations
Alexander N. Panov

Japanese-Russian Relations in the 21st Century, 2001–2015
Kawaraji Hidetake

Russia and Japan at the Beginning of the 21st Century: an Era of Untapped Potential
Oleg I. Kazakov, Valeriĭ O. Kistanov and Dmitry V. Streltsov

The “Northern Territories” Problem: a Continuing Legacy of the San Francisco System
Kimie Hara

The Territorial Issue in Russian-Japanese Relations: an Overview
Dmitry V. Streltsov

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All interested in the history of Russo-Japanese relations, particularly in the territorial problem, and international relations in general.
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