Observing Islam in Spain

Contemporary Politics and Social Dynamics


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Islam in Spain has been transformed from a historical to a social matter in recent decades, attracting the attention of experts from a variety of disciplines. However, contributions to the field have been somewhat disperse. The multidisciplinary nature of the research done -mainly by specialists in Islamic Studies, Anthropology, Sociology and Law- has not been conducive to debates between specialists or to the publication of comprehensive works that recognize the wealth of views and findings.

Observing Islam in Spain contains the keys to understanding current debates about the presence of Muslim citizens in Spain with regard to symbolism and public space, the law, ritual, the question of re-Islamization and the association-building and political participation of young people and women.

Contributors are Marta Alonso Cabré, José María Contreras Mazarío, Khalid Ghali, Aitana Guia, Alberto López Bargados, Salvatore Madonia, Laura Mijares, Jordi Moreras, Ana I. Planet Contreras, Ángeles Ramírez, Óscar Salguero Montaño, Ariadna Solé Arraràs and Virtudes Téllez Delgado.

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Ana I. Planet Contreras, Ph.D. (1997) is Professor of the Sociology of Islam at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has published numerous works on Islam in contemporary Spain, including ‘Islam in Spain’ in Handbook on European Islam (OUP, 2014).
"Observing Islam in Spain is likely to remain the point of departure for scholars and general readers for understanding how the situation of Muslims has evolved in Spain over the last half century."
Dale Eickelman in Journal of Islamic Studies, published 18 June 2021.

1 Islam in Spain: From Historical Question to Social Debate
Ana I. Planet Contreras

2 Muslims in Spain: The Legal Framework and Status
José María Contreras Mazarío

3 A Diachronic View of the Spaces of Islam in Melilla
Óscar Salguero Montaño

4 Invisible Rituals: Islamic Religious Acts in Catalan Public Space
Marta Alonso Cabré, Khalid Ghali, Alberto López Bargados, Jordi Moreras and Ariadna Solé Arraràs

5 Visibilizing ‘Invisibilized’ Spanish Muslim Youth
Virtudes Téllez Delgado and Salvatore Madonia

6 Rethinking Re-Islamization: On Muslims and Gender in Spain
Ángeles Ramírez and Laura Mijares

7 Political Muslim Women: Citizenship and Feminism in Democratic Spain
Aitana Guia

All interested in the political and social dynamics affecting Muslims in contemporary Spain and the main legal, political and social debates regarding this crucial question.
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