Fish, Justice, and Society


Fish, Justice, and Society is an in-depth look into the fishing industry, fish, and aquatic environments. This book delves past the façade of what may be known by the average fisherman, bringing to the surface new information about numerous species and aquatic habitats. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject of fish, law, and human behavior. It is a standalone work, but complements Cusack’s Fish in the Bible (2017). It is a treatise on the subject of animal law while also serving the common fisherman information on compliance issues.
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Carmen M. Cusack, J.D. (2010), Florida International University, Ph.D. (2013), Nova Southeastern University, is an animal welfarist, who has clerked for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and served other organizations to help animals. Her books include Fish in the Bible (2017), Animals and Criminal Justice (2015), Animals, Deviance, and Sex (2015), and Laws, Policies, Attitudes and Processes that Shape the Lives of Puppies in America (2016).


Fish, Justice, and Society is a must-read for anyone, who wants to know about underwater creatures, coasts, and aquaculture.


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