The Population of Shanghai (1865-1953)

A Sourcebook


The present volume is the first systematic reconstruction of the demographic series of the population of Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to 1953. Designed as a reference and source book, it is based on a thorough exploration of all population data and surveys available in published documents and in archival sources. The book focuses mostly on the pre-1949 period and extends to the post-1949 period only in relation to specific topics. Shanghai is probably the only city in China where such a reconstruction is possible over such a long period due to the wealth of sources and its particular administrative history, especially the existence of two foreign settlements.

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Christian Henriot (Ph.D. 1983), Aix-Marseille University, is Professor of Modern Chinese History. He is the author of many books, including Prostitution and Sexuality in Shanghai. A Social History, 1849-1949 (2001) and Scythe and the City. A Social History of Death in Shanghai (2016).

SHI Lu (Ph.D. 1991) Lille University in France, is professor of Chinese studies. Her research focuses on contemporary Chinese society. She is the author of Les voix de migrants-récits de vie des paysans migrants en Chine (2014).

Charlotte Aubrun (M.A. degree in cartography & geomatics, 2011), Institute of Asian Studies, Aix-Marseille University, is a GIS specialist and cartographer. She has contributed to multiple data-oriented research projects involving spatial data.

Shanghai in Four Steps

Part 1: Charting the Course of the Population of Shanghai

1 General and Vital Statistics

2 Populations in Movement

3 Social Structures

Population: The Lessons of Shanghai

Part 2: The Population of Shanghai in Figures: A Selection of Source Tables

List of Sources and Tables


All interested in Chinese modern urban history, demography, economics.
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