The Marine Environment and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14

Life below Water


In The Marine Environment and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, leading marine experts assess the scope, achievements, and limitations of UNSDG 14 for the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. Chapters discuss the challenges and gaps of ocean governance through five key sections: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Oceans and Their Resources; Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction; Status of Deep Seabed Minerals; Marine Pollution and Coastal Ecosystems; and Climate Change and the Oceans. This important book illustrates current challenges facing sustainable marine development and management, and provides necessary insights for a coherent path forward.

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Myron H. Nordquist is the Associate Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Center for Oceans Law and Policy, and Senior Fellow at the Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia School of Law. He is Editor-in-Chief of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982: a Commentary, the seven-volume “Virginia Commentary” series, plus a Supplementary Documents volume.
John Norton Moore is the Walter L. Brown Professor of Law at the University of Virginia School of Law where he directs the Center for Oceans Law and Policy. Among seven presidential appointments, he served as Chairman, NSC Interagency Task Force on the Law of the Sea; United States Ambassador and Deputy Special Representative of the President to the Law of the Sea Conference (1973-76); and was a Member of the National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere (1984-85).
Ronán Long is Director of the WMU-Sasakawa Global Institute and holds the Nippon Foundation Professorial Chair in Ocean Governance and the Law of the Sea at the World Maritime University, where he lectures on Ocean Governance, Law of the Sea and International Dispute Resolution and Diplomacy. He has also lectured at the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy and is a supervisor of advanced academic research under the United Nations - The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme.

Featured Remarks

The Marine Environment and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14
Arif Havas Oegroseno
Biodiversity Studies
Hasjim Djalal
UNCLOS 35 Years Later: We Are Still at Sea
N. Hassan Wirajuda
Reflections on the Negotiation of the Law of the Sea Convention
Satya N. Nandan

Part 1: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Oceans and Their Resources

1 Promoting the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Oceans through Cooperative Decision Making
Rena Lee
2 The Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity: Siamese Twins?
Liesbeth Lijnzaad
3 Toward Seafood Resilience: How to Achieve Sustainable Fisheries Development
Melda Kamil Ariadno
4 Future Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Sustainable Offshore Indonesian Fisheries
Alistair McIlgorm and Brooke Campbell

Part 2: Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction

5 Bridging the Ocean, Water and Climate Action Goals under the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development
Ronán Long and Mariamalia Rodriguez Chaves
6 Realising Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in Southern Hemisphere Oceans beyond National Jurisdiction: Challenges and Prospects
Robin Warner
7 The BBNJ PrepCom and Institutional Arrangements: The Hype about the Hybrid Approach
Kristine Dalaker Kraabel
8 The Legal Framework and Relevant Issues on the Marine Protected Areas in the Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
Su Jin Park and Ki Hyeon Kim
9 Marine Genetic Resources beyond National Jurisdiction and Sustainable Development Goals: The Perspective of Developing Countries
A. Gusman Siswandi

Part 3: Status of Deep Seabed Minerals

10 Status of Deep Seabed Minerals: Introductory Remarks
Alfonso Ascencio-Herrera
11 Efforts to Enhance Deep Seabed Activities and Korean Law on Exploration for and Exploitation of Resources in the Deep Seabed Area
Seokwoo Lee and Hee Cheol Yang
12 The Role of Science for Environmental Impact Evaluation Resulting from Ocean Mining
Tomohiko Fukushima
13 The International Seabed Authority’s Publication of Revised Draft Exploitation Regulations: On the Right Track but Significant Work Remains to be Done
Steven Potter

Part 4: Marine Pollution and Coastal Ecosystems

14 Marine Debris in Indonesia: State of Understanding and Ongoing Efforts in Reducing Its Impacts on Marine Habitat
Brahmantya Satyamurti Poerwadi and Abdul Muhari
15 A Perspective on Marine Pollution
Stephen A. Macko
16 A Human Rights Perspective on the Protection of Coastal Ecosystems from Land-based Marine Pollution under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Chie Kojima

Part 5: Climate Change and the Oceans

17 Ocean Acidification and Sustainable Development Goal 14: A Goal but No Target?
Karen N. Scott
18 Sea Level Rise and the Law of the Sea: Maritime Zones and Maritime Boundaries
J. Ashley Roach
19 Climate Change and the Arctic: Legal Regulations in Changing Times
Elise Johansen
20 An Overview of Ocean Acidification: Relationships
Stephen A. Macko and Christina M. Fantasia

All those interested in current issues related to the Law of the Sea.
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