Famagusta Maritima

Mariners, Merchants, Pilgrims and Mercenaries


Famagusta Maritima: Mariners, Merchants, Pilgrims and Mercenaries presents a collection of scholarly studies spanning the thousand year history of the port of Famagusta in Cyprus. This historic harbour city was at the heart of the Crusading Lusignan dynasty, a possession of both Genoa and Venice during the Renaissance, a port of the Ottoman Empire for three centuries, and in time, a strategic naval and intelligence node for the British Empire. It is a maritime space made famous by the realities of its extraordinary importance and influence, followed by its calamitous demise.

Contributors are: Michele Bacci, Lucie Bonato, Tomasz Borowski, Mike Carr, Pierre-Vincent Claverie, Dragos Cosmescu, Nicholas Coureas, Marko Kiessel, Antonio Musarra, William Spates, Asu Tozan, Ahmet Usta, and Michael Walsh.

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Michael J. K. Walsh, D. Phil (2001) York University, is Professor of Art History at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. This is his fifth edited collection in relation to the history of Famagusta.
"This richly illustrated collection opens new perspectives on an old city, and the relationships between ports, islands, economic and geopolitical power". Andrew Lambert, in The Journal of Historical Association, 2020.
Anyone interested in Maritime Studies, Medieval and Renassaince Art History and Architecture, Crusader History, Ottoman Studies, British Imperial Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Cyprus Studies, and Cultural Heritage Studies.