The Textual Basis of English Translations of the Hebrew Bible


Foreword by A. Schenker

S. C. Daley’s book, The Textual Basis of English Translations of the Hebrew Bible, moves us beyond existing uncertainties about the textual basis of modern Bible translations to a fresh understanding of the text-critical constitution of well-known English translations of the past four hundred years. Most translations depart from the Masoretic Text selectively, and in-depth analysis of their textual decisions leads (1) to the identification of distinct periods in the textual history of the English Bible, (2) to a classification of the translations by eclectic type, and (3) to the observation that each translation is ultimately unique from a text-critical perspective. The study then revisits the topic of the text to be translated in Bibles intended for the wider public.

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S. C. Daley, Ph.D. (2007), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a translation consultant with SIL International. He has taught biblical Hebrew and presented aspects of textual criticism in numerous contexts. He is the founding editor of the Common Text Project.
Foreword Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations and Sigla
1 IntroductionABackgroundBLiterature SurveyCEnglish TranslationsDTextual EvidenceEThe SampleFResearch Challenge
2 MethodologyABackgroundBThree-staged ProcedureCDatabase
3 Analysis of Sample ChaptersIGenesis 49IIHabakkuk 3IIIPsalm 139IVProverbs 14VGeneral Conclusions
4 Para-textual Elements of the Masoretic TextAKetib-QereBExtraordinary PointsCCorrections of the ScribesDGeneral Conclusions
5 Conjectural EmendationAOverviewBTextual DataCCommentary on the Textual DataDConclusions
6 Influence from the Qumran ScrollsIIsaiah 14 & 49II1 Samuel 1–3IIIGeneral Conclusions
7 Revision Lines within the English TranslationsAIdentifying and Classifying RevisionsBAnalysisCHistorical Trends
8 Results: The Textual Basis of English TranslationsAEclecticism in the ET s: History and TypologyBA Varying Textual BasisCLinguistic AmeliorationDTheoretical Considerations
9 Implications for Future TranslationsAText Projects and Critical EditionsBThe Text to Be TranslatedCToward Consensus and a Common TextDCultural Considerations
10 ConclusionsASummaryBSuggestions for Further Research
AddendumAEnglish Translations: The Early 21st CenturyBText Projects and Critical Editions: A 2018 Update Bibliography Index of Textual Problems Discussed
Biblical scholars, Bible translators, professors, students, and anyone interested in textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament and modern Bible translations, especially in English; scholars of English Literature.
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