A Guide to Teaching Elementary Science

Ten Easy Steps

Nationally and internationally, educators now understand the critical importance of STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Today, the job of the classroom science teacher demands finding effective ways to meet current curricula standards and prepare students for a future in which a working knowledge of science and technology will dominate. But standards and goals don’t mean a thing unless we:

-- grab students’ attention;
-- capture and deepen children’s natural curiosity;
-- create an exciting learning environment that engages the learner; and
-- make science come alive inside and outside the classroom setting.

This book: helps teachers develop curricula compatible with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core Standards; provides easy-to-implement steps for setting up a science classroom, plus strategies for using all available resources to assemble needed teaching materials; offers detailed sample lesson plans in each STEM subject, adaptable to age and ability and designed to embrace the needs of all learners; and presents bonus information about organizing field trips and managing science fairs.

Without question, effective science curricula can help students develop critical thinking skills and a lifelong passion for science.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Yvette Greenspan received her doctorate degree in science education and has developed science curriculum at all levels. A career spent in teaching elementary students in an urban community, she now instructs college students, sharing her love for the teaching and learning of science. She considers it essential to encourage today’s students to be active learners and to concentrate on STEM topics that will help prepare them for the real world.

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"An engaging, informative and easy-to-read book. All elementary science teachers regardless of their experience level will come away with a multitude of helpful strategies. These strategies are conveniently organized into ten easy steps that are grounded in science education research, designed to excite and motivate all students to learn science through inquiry based lessons that promote real-world connections and are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. The author shares valuable lesson plans for both the primary and intermediate levels in each of the science strands. She also adds a worthwhile chapter of her favorites. "—Mary Tweedy, Department of Science, Office of Academics and Transformation Miami Dade County Public Schools

"This comprehensive yet compact book is perfect for a teacher just entering the realm of science education or as a refreshing boost for the educator who wants to update her learning environment."—Sharon Cutler, President, Florida Association of Science Teachers

The go to book for teaching elementary science and beyond. The step by step preparation guide will give teachers the confidence to infuse science into their classroom. The specific lesson plans are based on the current standards ensuring your students will be prepared for the future. The lessons go beyond the classroom with science venues to visit that make science come alive for all level students. There is no other book that encapsulates the practice of teaching science like this guide. —Dr. Gary Yoham, Miami Senior High

Makes science success attainable for the elementary classroom teacher. The ‘Ten Easy Steps’ can be read consecutively or provide a quick refresher throughout the school year. A treasure of lesson plans aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, coupled with a collection of the author’s favorites, are sure to ignite and challenge elementary students. The author has discovered a way to pack her years of experience into a worthwhile resource for classroom science teachers.”—Stella Summers, Elementary Teacher, Miami Dade County Public Schools
A Guide to Teaching Elementary Science: Ten Easy Steps gives teachers, at all stages of classroom experience, exactly what the title implies. Written by lifelong educator Yvette Greenspan, this book is designed for busy classroom teachers who face tough conditions, from overcrowded classrooms to shrinking budgets, and too often end up anxious and overwhelmed by the challenges ahead and their desire for an excellent science program.
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