Consumer Moral Leadership

This book shares a collection of novel ways to re-conceptualize and envision the moral imperatives of consumption, thereby providing invigorating insights for future dialogue and intellectual and social action. It privileges a consumer moral leadership imperative, which augments the conventional management imperatives of sustainability, ethics, simplicity and environmental integrity. There are 13 chapters, including first-ever discussions of non-violent consumption, transdisciplinary consumption, consumer moral adulthood, integral informed consumption, conscious and mindful consumption, biomimicry informed consumption, and consumer moral leadership as a new intellectual construct. The book strives to intellectually and philosophically challenge and reframe the act, culture and ideology of consuming. The intent is to foster new hope that leads to differently informed activism and to provocative research, policy, entrepreneurial and educational initiatives that favour the human condition, the collective human family and interconnected integrity. This book strives to move consumers from managing for efficiency to leading for moral efficacy, the ability to use their existing moral capacities to deal with moral challenges in the marketplace. The very core of what it means to be a morally responsible member of the human family is challenged and re-framed through the lens of consumer moral leadership.

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Sue L. T. McGregor (PhD, IPHE, Professor Emerita, MSVU) is an active independent researcher and scholar in the areas of transdisciplinarity, consumer morality and education, research paradigms and methodologies, and home economics philosophy and leadership. Her scholarship is at her professional website.
Readership are educators, scholars, activists, marketers and policy makers in the areas of consumerism, consumer culture and society, consumer morality and education, leadership, consumer global citizenship, peace education.
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